YHC smelled a Fartlek coming and the Gosta Holmer and his 1920’s style Fartlek, aka, speed training, was found at the Danger Zone. YHC’s shoulders and back still burning from the BO beatdown from Burt yesterday, but that would not stop us. Thanks Burt for the planting of the shovel flag.


  • Indian Run
  • King David?? High kicks 20 ct
  • Modified Good Morning R-L, L-R, 10 ct
  • Imperial Walkers 20 ct

Jog to soccer field to meet the Gosta Holmer for a little Fartlek – aka Speed Training

  • Mini soccer field, on perimeter; dead sprint 1 section,-jog 1, dead sprint 2, jog 1, ds 3, j 1, ds 4…. Till ds 6. DS is an all out sprint and not that poon boy jog
  • 15 ct air squat & 15 ct plank
  • Flapjack

Believe all the PAX fartleked followed by a lot of “Grumble Chatter”. Jog to shelter for some minor recovery

  • Leg curls – heels on bench then Homer to Marge- 20 ct. think everyone got it.
  • Side lifts – Feet on bench and lift sideways- 10 ct. Burt mumbled something about this isn’t wife beater friendly

The PAX looked too relaxed so audible called and we dove into some Push o Rama. 10 double time speed pushups followed by 20 count planks. Repeat and then Repeat. PAX were sufficiently beat so had a recovery jog to “the Hill”. It was nice to have an even # of PAX but the partner with someone similar in size did not benefit the small statured Q.

  • 25 yard man carry at your top speed to top– lots of mumble chatter and groaning. Guys this is not meant to be easy, otherwise anyone can do it.
  • Jog Back
  • Repeat and then Repeat again per person
  • Plank it out

Slow, I mean slow, recovery jog to shelter for some Mary

  • LBC 30 ct
  • Heals to heaven 15 ct. Get those butts in the air.
  • 6 inch leg hold 30 ct
  • Reverse LBC 15 ct
  • Freddy Mercury 15 ct
  • Burt being sly asked if we were done yet, so Q gave him the opportunity to lead one more round with some Plank Jacks

COT Reminder that there is a “Second F” at Cary’s Fortnight Brewery next Thursday August 7 at 5:30 pm.

  • Namarama and why are you at F3?
  • Saben: because I need to finish this class to graduate. Now I am addicted after 5 months.
  • Burt: Better to be outside
  • C-Lo: Adding years to my life if this workout doesn’t take any off.
  • Callahan: Thanks to 90210 for intro
  • Riptide: thanked Burt for getting him out of the gym
  • Chemay: Buddy invited him that has yet to show up.
  • Sputnik: Glad for the invite. I recall his wife acknowledged he would be coming before he knew it. Now a regular in Cary
  • Gilles: for the 3 F’s.
  • Coney: comradery
  • Q: Banjo: Thanks to Wonk and CK for the EH.
  • We were closed out in prayer by Sputnik. Good to have him back from his San Fran hiatus. Prayers for Gilles’ friend in Charlotte, still in serious recovery after freak auto accident in Charlotte a year ago. Teacher with cancer, friend with pancreatic cancer, Burt’s friend,

It continues to be an honor to be with such great guys.   Banjo     @plainpocket