O-Flex 59 O-Flex 59′

The Thang:

The Situation Short run around the back of the park Circle Up ( warm up ) 15 good mornings, 15 windmills, 15 imperial walkers, 15 Peter Parkers, 15 Mountain Climbers, 15 Merkins,  10 x 2 sir fasio arm circles To the field: 5,7,9,11  start in the middle of the field and run to circuit box, burpies, merkins, star jumps, WWII’s. meet in the middle after each set and plank. To the cones for some suicides, bear crawl and sprints.

Turnorver to Dial Tone: Run to the Hill Lung up the hill run back down 10 burpies Lung up the hill back down 10 Merkins Head over the planters for bear crawl / 5 Merkins x 7 stops repeat.  Head over to the school for peoples chair, Groups of three Spiderman up the rails and bear crawl back repeat.   Jog over to the upper track.  Indian run one lap, Balls to the Wall on the fence, Circle up for Mary:  Superman, LBC and Freddy Mercury.

Guys started a pre work out ruck.  Candlestick, Singlewide and Kayne. tclaps!

Mud Run sign ups still available if interested.

Starbright took us out.