As the slowest member of the PAX, and yet Q for the morning. I tried to find something that would offer a solid workout even to the fastest and strongest among us. I’ve notice for a lot of the PAX planking is close to resting. So to push the men to give more, I altered the String of Pearls. When the PAX arrive at the given spot, they begin the exercise called before we leave the last spot. They continue to do it until the last guy arrives and does a 10 count in cadence. So while the slow members only do 10-12, the faster members of the PAX can get 20 – 25 accomplished. So no one is waiting for the last guy. We also did the Beast. It was done at the very first workout I attended. I was overwhelmed by it then. I was nearly overwhelmed today. It is still an ugly evil, which is probably outlawed in seventeen states and banned among certain religious groups. Forget what the movie says, this is what really turned Darth Vader to the dark side?

Saunter over to the east parking lot for:
Side Straddle Hops x 25
Mountain Climbers x 20
Imperial Walkers x 20
Sir Fazio Arm Circles 10 x 10

The Beast 666 – Run the parking lot stopping at each peninsula to do 6 reps of an exercise. 6 Peninsulas so 6 different exercises. Complete the circuit and plank. Do the circuit 6 times. As we neared the end I was reminded this totals 216 individual exercises.
Star Jumps
Carolina Dry Docks
Wide Arm Merkins
Precision Squats

Howard’s String of Pearls – Sprint to the next stop (about 200 yards) and begin an exercise…wait for everyone else…including YHC continuing until YHC gets a 10 count done.
Freddy Mercury – make sure you do elbow to knees
Mountain Climbers
Jumping Lunges
Dying Cockroaches

We are seeing some strong growth down in Southern Wake County. Several guys were out today, but announced their absence so we knew they would be gone. It’s great to see F3 taking off after 9 months of 2-3 at a workout. I had a lot more planned but ran out of time. Isn’t that always the case?
Great to be in the gloom with this quality of men. Privileged to lead the group.