After a week of taking the Wolf Howl to twitter world, 11 PAX stepped it up to show for the Raleigh Original Running Workout. Headbands in tow (though not F3 trademarked or homemade) some #mumblechatter, a pretty fantastic disclaimer, threat of rain, a few softball tee up TWSS and we’re off running. Leave your arm circles at home, this is a running workout. RUN-N-ING-a workout.

Ran for a while, dropped for 10x merkins, and 10x wide grip merkins, a quick diamond merkin tease and were off running again.

Lined up across the soccer field. Sprint to the end, and back. Lunge walk to the end and bear crawl back. And we’re off running again.

Ended up and some boardwalk looking dead-end. Drop and 10x merkins for Lamps good directions, then off running again.

Line up on the lake Raleigh hill. Charge! Charge again! Once more! Now 4 charges! Charge 5 times! 15x dips. And we’re off running again. Did I mention this is Raleigh’s original running workout?

Run to the dock. Enjoy the view. 10x single leg dead lifts each leg. Back to the RUN-N-ING.

Line up on the asphalt hill. Parter 1 run up and back while partner 2 does merkins. Flapjack, 2 sets, then off running again. Running a little slower, but running nonetheless.

Line up in the courtyards. Sprint to the currently working water sprinklers and back. King David leg kicks to half way point and back. Long stride sprinting rounds to sprinklers and back. Sprint to the sidewalk (yes this was through the sprinklers) and back. Then once again. Got wet 2x. TWSS.

Circle up for Mary, duck duck goose style, with one PAX calling an exercise, then running around the outside of the circle to the next PAX to call an excercise. Lots of abs, then some more. Most notably were the monkey jumpers and the canoe boats. Thanks Costco 2x.

2nd F Event 8/14 7-9p The Alley Bowling – I call Munson’s team!
Do the Mule. Or don’t. Just make sure to make fun of Epoxy either way.
Annoyed I’m not at NOGOA.
Something else I can’t remember.
Screech took us out.

PS – name-o-rama. Yeah a little late better than never.