16 PAX including 2 FNGs started their week right at Williams Park. It was a dark and foggy morning in the gloom. A weekend of rain left the fields extremely swampy but YHC was not deterred from using them. With 2 FNGs present, a disclaimer was given and away we went.

The Thang:

Lower parking lot for warmups: SSH x20, GM x15, IW x20, Mountain Climbers x20, Fazios x15 each way

Mosey to the field, four cones in a diamond around the shovel flag. Count off by fours and report to your cone. 15 reps of an exercise at each cone, bear crawl to the flag and out to the next cone. Exercises used: Plank jacks, Prisoner Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Lunge in place. Repeat the circuit again with crab walks between cones.

Jog out to the track, take a leisurely stroll around to get warmed up.

OYO: On the track, jog the turns and sprint the straightaways. After each lap Merkins x25, x20, x15, x10, plank. Wait for everyone to finish, then close it out with one more lap followed by x10 burpees. Recover with LBCs x20

Mosey to the ramp by school. Partner up for wheelbarrows, flapjack. People’s chair while everyone finishes. Balls to Walls in cadence x25. PAX pushed through, well done.

Indian run over to the picnic tables. Partner 1: 20 dips, Partner 2: AMRAP star jumps, flapjack. Partner 1: 20 Irkins, Partner 2: AMRAP squats, flapjack

Tennis courts for Mary: Hammers x25, Mercury’s x20

Announcements: MULE October 25th, Mud Run October 5th, Thirst Quenchers on August 14th (Larry David’s office), 2nd F Bowling August 14th.

Prayer Requests: Continued prayers for healing of Ventura’s sister

YHC reflected on 6 months of F3. T-Claps to Gnobby for EHing me out into the gloom. As great as the workouts have been, what sticks out is the fellowship with my fellow PAX. It starts in the gloom, but grows at the 2nd and 3rd F events. Get plugged in outside of the workouts. Attend the after work events and build relationships. If you haven’t been to Thirst Quenchers check it out. If the time doesn’t work for you, find some guys and start something else. That’s the model of F3. Hopefully this piece starts to grow like our workouts have. Strong work by all this morning, thanks to Wilson and Man Ram for having me. Spurrier led us out with a great prayer.