With only 1 hc prior to arriving at Pullen and the new shovel flag nowhere to be found, YHC was already behind for the morning.  Upon arrival at YHC’s usual timing, approximately 3 minutes to spare the one hc was not there.  After a quick howdy to Life Alert as he was preparing for the beat down he was soon to impose, YHC entered the pax and made a call to action, with one immediate response to join and another lightly pried from the Pullen pax, three would have to do.   As the remaining pax were being read the disclaimer YHC’s one hc comes strolling in just in time to join us for a quick jog across the future central park of Raleighwood.

After a short jog and a brief prayer we strolled into THP not knowing what to expect, with no regulars in sight and only a few men waiting on rides out, we headed to the most visible spot of the Arena, the courtyard.  Around the detox wing and past the garden, which YHC noted was in much better shape than his own, we found our way to the fountain to begin our work.

The Thang:

Warm ups: SSH x 15, Merkins x 15, IW x 15, Good Mornings x 15

Find a spot on the seating for L/R step ups x 15, dips x 15, erkins x 15, and repeat.

Mosey to the field at Lake Wheeler for an interval run to the top, 5 burpies at the first pole, 10 merkins at the next, and 10 burpies at the top.  Recover on the run to the old Umstead hospital.

Find a spot on the brick ledge for quick feet x 15, derkins x 10, and repeat.  Two pax up for BTW while the other two sprint across the parking lot for 10 burpies and back to swap positions.  Now to the rear wall to find a spot for peoples chair, two on the wall while the other two make twin stops on a sprint around the lot for 5 burpies, then flip flap.

Again a fellowship pace for recovery around the building, through the side lot, past the fuel pumps, and over to the tracks.  Find a rock that you don’t mind lifting over your head.  As YHC called one of the Arena regulars, Big Boy Jack Webs, the chatter and discussion began as to the difference between this and 11’s.  One of the pax made it clear that Jack Webs are 1 to 1, so YHC called the count to be 11 and we were off, one merkin to one overhead rock press on your knees, 2 to 2, 3 to 3, you get the picture, 11 couldn’t come soon enough,

Back to the fellowship pace to where we started for a little Mary.

Mary: LBC x 50, done.

COT:  Our time together was fairly intimate with only 4 pax the mumble chatter was more of an ongoing conversation than diggs or TWSS comments.  As this was Wendell G’s first trip over, YHC made his way around the site so he could see most of what the Arena had to offer.  It was good to realize that Deputy Queen had a connection to THP already and was excited to be back for his 2nd trip to the Arena.  As for Maize the discussion of new sites an the clarification of the true Jack Webs was a welcome addition to the morning.  Though this last part may read as a relaxing workout, YHC called for several 10 counts and welcomed at least one comment on how this was likely no easier than the pax at Pullen may be enduring, embrace the suck was still a part of our morning that still had a 1.5 mile uphill run before we finished.

After a short name-a-rama, YHC reminded the pax that we should not consider ourselves more than one or two bad decisions from where many of the men of THP find themselves currently. that we should regard the the mercy of Christ and His continued daily grace as a blessing not to forget too soon.  Love the Lord your God, and love your neighbor as yourself, this is what we are to do.  Wendell G led us out in a mighty prayer to the King of Kings.

After a little bit slower than fellowship pace we made our way back to Pullen just as the pax was emerging from a LA beat down.


If anyone knows where the Arena Shovel Flag is please let Country Wide or Duff know.

Thanks to all who continue to support the Arena with their presence, we know that the men are seeing us.  Please consider joining us if you have not done so yet, and if you have please consider coming back and signing up to Q, we need you there.