James Brown
The VSF was planted as 23 PAX emerged from the fog on a Monday morning realizing the light of summer mornings was beginning to wane.  No headlamp needed…yet.  We were here to push one another, to sharpen iron, and to draw inspiration from “the hardest working man in show business”, “The Godfather of Soul” – James Brown.  The disclaimer was issued, we counted off – remember if you are an odd or even.  YHC might keep odds and evens straight, but no guarantees.

The Thang:
Make It Funky
Jog to the far end of the parking lot so not to awaken the neighbors.
SSH x 20
Imperial Walkers x 20
Good Mornings x 20
Mountain Climbers x 20

Get On The Good Foot
Jog to the baseball diamond…James Brown had great footwork and he always gave it everything he had.  So we begin…
Odds high knees around the bases / Evens people’s chair / Flapjack
Odds bear crawl around the bases / Evens plank / Flapjack
Odds gorilla crawl around the bases / Evens air squats / Flapjack
Odds sprint around the bases / Evens people’s chair / Flapjack

MacGruber rounds the bases like no one YHC has ever seen.  Mainly because he doesn’t tag the base, but he’s consistent.  Mumblechatter about what bear crawl has to do with James Brown. A: Positioning ourselves to have the cape put on us during the performance.  #notenoughcapestogoaround

Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag
Jog toward the picnic shelter…
Odds sprint around the circle of pain / Evens OYO merkins / Flapjack
Alternating left right step-ups x 20 / Incline merkins x 20 / Dips x 20 x 2
Quick feet x 20 at the edge of the playground…there’s that footwork!

I Got The Feelin’
Odds run down Sisyphus / Evens 10 air squats and descend Sisyphus / Odds 10 air squats and ascend Sisyphus / Evens 10 air squats and ascend Sisyphus / Odds 10 air squats at the top / Everyone planks at the top.

Humbling as defined by YHC – ascending Sisyphus to have Chong Li (fresh of GORUCK NOGOA), Cinderella (with a weight vest), Maize (I think it was Maize, he went by so fast I can’t be certain), and MacGruber (Blue Ridge Relay bound) blow by me like I was standing still.  #meanmeanstride

Super Bad
Back to the picnic shelter…
Alternating left right step ups x 20 / incline merkins x 10 / dips x 10 / decline merkins x 10 / jog back to the front for Mary…

Living In America
LBCs x 20
Freddie Mercury x 10
Russian Hammers x 20 (for you Rocky IV fans)
Six-inch leg hold five count around the circle
I Feel Good


  • Prayers for our brother White Shoe @F3WhiteShoe who is having surgery today and will be recovering.  Can’t wait to have you back in the gloom with us.  #alwayslookcool
  • Prayers for all those prayers spoken and unspoken among the PAX – for healing, for families, for careers, for children, for one another, for the opportunity to serve.


  • Many thanks to the PAX for the opportunity to Q and to Elsinore and Ron Burgundy for their work as site Qs for NH.  If you’ve not Q’d at NH or another site yet, check out the sign up sheets on the Site Q names of the link below.  Find a co-Q, check out the video on how to do cadence count, embrace the mumblechatter, and get creative.
    F3 Raleigh 1F Schedules
  • YHC learned relying on color cues during Mary has it limits – as in two members of the PAX (MacGruber and Jordache) both wearing greens shirts near one another as we counted off a six-inch leg hold around the circle.  YHC jumped the gun and began final count too early.  #Qproblems #Qisneverwrongjustearly #mumblechatterworks
  • As strong a prayer as YHC has heard by Walkie Talkie this morning.  #Solid
  • Kotters to Tiger Beat and Lurch.  Great to have you both as part of the PAX us and look forward to your next post sometime very soon.
  • New workout to launch August 12 – Lourdes of Discipline at Our Lady of Lourdes.  Tuesdays at 5:45.  See Honey Do or Plebe to get in the Q rotation.
  • F3Raleigh Second F – Bowling at The Alley on 8/14.  Sign up HERE.
  • Last week we hit an F3Raleigh milestone – 500 posts in one week.  That’s the high water mark, for now.  For perspective, in the spring of 2013 we were around 100 posts per week.
  • Have you read #FreedToLead yet?  DM YHC @F3TonyRobbins to request a copy, read, then pass along among the PAX.  Full details HERE.