As excited as YHC was to get the new Tuesday Chapel Hill workout launched, Mother Nature had other plans. A nearly-invisible coating of ice on many of the local roads kept most of the pax at home with excused UAs, but two foolhardy souls found our way (carefully) to North Chapel Hill to get the party started.

After last week’s Beta we knew headlamps were a must for the mile-plus run through the very dark woods along the Cedar Falls Park Trail, a hilly single-track studded with rocks and roots that would love nothing more than to trip up and generally maim the pax, but is also a immensely enjoyable way to start a beatdown for those fleet of foot enough to avoid its dangers.

After the trail run we posted to the apparently new, extra large turf field that has taken the place of the earthen plot you see in the picture above. T-claps to the good folks at Chapel Hill Parks & Rec (and the ever-obliging local taxpayers) for creating such a perfect AO, clearly just for us. Essentially the field is four turf soccer fields in one large, shredded-tire-and-Easter-basket-grass embedded rectangle, roughly 320 x 400 feet.

Warmup upper body OYO

Bear Crawl ~50 yards to the far penalty box line, run ~80 yards to the far side of the field, 15 dips on the block wall, plank it.
Bear Crawl ~50 yards to the far penalty box line, run ~80 yards back to the start, 15 Perkins, plank it.

Reign of Terror (a favorite from the warmer days at #Bastille, pre-winter turf maintenance)
Run the perimeter of the field, stopping at each corner and each midline (8 stops) for dealer’s choice pain-o-rama.

Exercises called: Burpees, Perkins, Bodyweight Squats, Wille Mays-Hayes, Plank Jacks, more Perkins, etc.

Dealer’s Choice Mary:

LBCs, Side Crunches, Crossover LBCs, Rosalita, Reverse LBCs, a few more.


Tclaps to Carlton for keeping YHC from the sad clown solo and for pushing through the whole workout. His hard work is paying off big time, awesome to see.

Hope to see a big jump in attendance next week, when conditions will be slightly less treacherous (until the beatdown commences anyway). See you then!