True Grit 3-4-1416 degrees, windchill of 9, dark, icy= No post for young men.

A PAX of 5 men with an average age of 41 left the woman, Bob Villa, children and Cinderella in the comfort of their fartsacks to fulfill a lifelong dream of completing a ring of fire challenge lugging 5 gallons of fermented beverage around the 2 mile Shelly Lake loop.

YHC and MacGruber had planned a four man team challenge but quickly adjusted when it became apparent that Fat Tuesday is French for juvenile boys can’t handle sub 20 degree temperatures.

The Thang


SSH x 25, Mountain Climber x25, Windmill x 15. Done, we are old, no warm up can loosen these muscles.

Each PAX grabs one of the four 5 gallon kegs weighing approximately 50 pounds, odd man out gets the 40 pound kettle bell.

Run up the hill towards the 2 mile loop.

The challenge, carry your new best friend around the lake stopping every quarter mile for additional fun. At each stop new PAX takes over the kettlebell.

Stop 1: Curls with kegs x 20, Squats x 20 (fingers are numb as YHC left kegs in car overnight)

Stop 2: Shoulder press with kegs x 15, Mountain climbers x 20

Stop 3: Bench press with kegs x 20, Merkins at 20

Stop 4: Squats with kegs x 15, Diamond Merkins x 15 (feeling starting to return to fingers)

Stop 5: Curls with kegs x 15, Squats x 20

Stop 6: Shoulder Press with kegs x 15, Mountain climbers x 15

Stop 7: Bench Press with kegs x 20, Merkins x 20

Complete loop and finish with jog to parking lot.


-Duff now hates kegs but still appreciates the hoppy goodness they hold.

-Shaggys’ arms now hang below his knees.

-Maize wanted the record to show that his keg weighed 52 pds and when his turn came around to lug the kettlebell it weighed 45 lbs.

-Prayers for Dufresne: and those in our thoughts.

MacGruber led us out in prayer.