A normal morning to suck in the gloom.  Brisk, cool and a lot of energy in the parking lot.  Maize posts for his first time at a trail run and finds out how much fun it really is.

We ran slower than normal today, Howard attributes it to the cold air and the lungs needing to warm up and process the cold air.  Whatever the reason, we were slow and that is just fine.

After our run (finishing in 24:00-28:00- loosly rounding) we grouped up for some exercises.

Starting with bench jumps (jump over the bench) x10

Run the circle backwards

Bench jumps x10

Planks (29 cadence count each): High Plank, <enter the sproles> Sarkozy, Putin

SSH x15

Imperial Walker x15

Merkins x30

2 rounds of: 20 dips, 10 incline merkins, 10 step ups (5 each legs)

side shuffle around the circle



Yes, Sproles arrived late and ended up a few minutes after we starting our workout.  Great to have him in the workout.

Lots of energy about the Mule.  The trail runs always yield great fellowship and usually a story or two.