The PAX gathered at the Bell Tower to kick off the 6 month celebration of F3 in Raleigh with a record post of 27.  Inclement weather, great concept, and what it`s all about….great company.

The Thang:

Maize leads:

Welcome, Count off, and warm up

Good Mornings x20
SSH x20
Mountain Climbers x20
Merkins x15
Side Straddle Planks x15

Run to Pullen Park

CK Leads:

The Robert Plants x3
Jog around the lake
AMRAP (10 Leg Lunge, 10 Burpees, 10 WW2 Sit Ups)
Tunnel of Love x2

Run to Fletcher Park

Money Hose Leads

Wind sprints
Balls to the Wall
Merkin Pyramid x5

Job to amphitheater

2 sets of the following:
Step ups
Incline Merkins
Decline Merkins

Jacob`s Ladder with Burpees x5

3 minutes of Mary (Hammers, Dollys, Low Flutters, Freddy Mercury)

Run to Roanoke

White Shoe Leads

“Four Square” (Rotate through 4 stations, 4 minutes each, 4 groups)

Cinder Block Shuffle: 3 man relays
Flippin` Junk: Max tire flips with partner
Pain Prescription: Medicine Ball Toss over fence
Huggies: Pull-Up Bar Rotation, 5 reps and then max out

Run to Assembly Lawn

Fazio & TARP Pick Teams
-Good Old Fashioned Tug-of-War (No explanation needed, but this was awesome)

6 Minutes of Mary with Fazio

LBC x40 (That’s right)
High Flutters x30 (Not a typo)
Russian Hammers x20
Froggies x20
Rosalita x20
6 inch Leg Hold Circle

Jog to Capital


Total distance: 6 miles
Time: 2.5 hours


-T-claps to the PAX, there was thunder, lightning and a whole bunch of rain coming down at 5am. It let up for just enough time to get in the MULE, at breakfast afterwards it poured. There are no coincidences in life, this is true.

-Great camaraderie amongst the group, we stayed together and all finished. No injuries through the course as we visited 3 workout locations plus a surprise at the finish.

-Tug of War was a hit, TARP`s team won both times. We didn’t do a head count but having an extra man might have been the edge in both cases. Just saying…

-CK, Money Hose and White Shoe rocked as QIC for each site, great workouts.

-Many thanks again to Wendell G and Howard for getting F3 going in Raleigh, you’ve impacted many already with more ahead.

-The ”Doh!” Award goes to Fazio for locking his keys in the car (including the back-up set plus Wendell G`s as well). Nothing AAA couldn’t handle, good thing he kept up the membership!

-Punky Brewster saved Charlotte from a Blutarsky representation. Next time we will call it a Spartan Race, there won’t be so many “conflicts“ then.

-T-claps x 2 for Linda and MTARP, they kept the group hydrated and protected. Linda drove to keep a car with us at all times, MTARP stayed on a bike as we moved from station to station. Both took a bunch of pictures so be on the lookout for an upcoming slideshow documenting the experience. They took time to help make this function smoothly. It was great seeing Linda in general, keep healing and we’ll look forward to having you back in the gloom.

-October homework for all attendees, tell people what you did this weekend and bring at least 1 FNG over the next few weeks.

-A final T-clap to White Shoe, he took the initiative on putting this together and it all went just as he envisioned. I hear the encore calls already.