In a post Mule world, there is still a lot of gloom and sore muscles, but a few brave PAX posted for our Monday trail run.

Run through trail (Fellowship pace post MULE)

Imperial Walkers x20
Merkins x15
LBC x20
Froggies x20
Dips x20
Decline Merkins x15


– The PAX was still a bit weary from the MULE, so the run was at more of a fellowship pace and the COP a bit shorter than usual.  #nocomplaints.

–  We were greeted this morning by what we believe to be Army ROTC members from neighboring NCSU.  A warm glow fell over us as we watched them break into a series of cadence-based exercises led by their own QIC.  We were tempted to fall in among them but decided to stick to our own Thang – thinking that was a wise decision for all involved.

– Per Conroy, Sproles was UA level 5 this morning.  Hoping it was just the siren call of the fartsack and not the nagging ankle injury, big man.

– CORE workout launches tomorrow at 6:00 am at Walnut Street Park in Cary – directions available here:  Word has it that a translator will be on hand to handle any communication issues that might arise given the new post site in the Containment Area of Relocated Yankees.