The PAX of 17 gathered at Pullen hearing the howls of wolves in the distance beginning to circle the MULE. Ready, set, go.
The Thang:

Light jog through park

Warm Up:

Mtn Climbers x20
Imperial Walker x20
Good Morning x15

Merkins x20
Side Straddle Planks x20

Jog to school across the street

The Dirty McDeuce!
Partner Up: Partner 1 runs up hill and back while Partner 2 exercises, 5 sets (LBCs, Leg Lunge, Squats, Merkins, Burpees)

Jog to Playground

The Swing Set (2 times through)
Partner up: Partner 1 on the swing, Partner 2 exercises, then rotate
25 declines , 25 leg lifts on swing
Squats and Leg Lunges off swing
5 Burpees

Run to Tennis Courts

Breakfast at Wimbledon

The Roddick
The Federer
The Nadal
The McEnroe
3 Court Suicides (2 times…brutal)
He Sees Me (Get down!)

Jog to base
Turkish Get Ups x15
Dolly x15
Left Oblique Crunch x15
Right Oblique Crunch x15
Pete Chilcut Circle (5 Count)


-Was great having Chappy come visit from Charlotte, bringing his tennis background to the mix. The set was respected more than enjoyed I believe
-T-claps to Misty making it all the way through today, the FNG showed up and we had only two 10 count breaks
-Thanks to Fazio for keeping the QIC informed of our time, was nice wrapping up with 30 seconds to spare but perhaps it is time for Maize to get his own sports watch.
-The MULE is 7 days away, no excuses. Calling all F3 in range to attend and participate. This will be fun, work has been done to make this enjoyable and fulfilling. This will be something to talk about, you will regret not being there so post and bring a friend.
-Quote of the day:“A mule will labor ten years willingly and patiently for you, for the privilege of kicking you once.“ -William Faulkner