Overview of Heavy Metal:  F3 Equipment workout.  600 AM to 645 AM on Thursdays at Roanoke Park.  No need to bring anything except yourself.  With limited exceptions, no running.  Come on down.

The Thang:

Phase I

1-Three Man Team & 1-Four Man Team compete as follows:

First Team, rolling 10 min. clock, complete as many Double Eagle Pablo Escobars as possible.  Remaining pax not running Ron and El Jefe to the Border (or Aycock Street, as it were) push press cinder blocks.

Second Team, rolling 10 min. clock, complete as many Chuck’nRuns as possible.  Remaining pax not running do PT-test style sit ups (max reps) and kettlebell swings using 25 and 35 pounders.

Teams Switch & Repeato

Phase II

4 Sets of 5 Dead Hang Pull Ups.  Minimal rest to allow other pax to rotate onto bar.

Phase III

Mama Junk Flipping Workshop (each pax got approximately 3-4 flips in during Phase III).

Phase IV

White Shoe dissertation on alternative explanations for Bobby Petrino (the actual Bobby Petrino) and his neckbrace press conference.  No exercise equipment was harmed in the foregoing production.

COT while standing over top of a worn out Mama Junk


  • Heavy Metal is a recipe for insta jokes.  Larger teams and rolling clock goals threw a little more gas on the competitive fire.  It also created another Second F platform.  It also mixed it up.  You have to mix it up.
  • Word has it that Ben Johnson and Johnny Utah have shared at least 3 trainers in the past 3 years.  Utah hammered down the homestretch in pull up camp with a vicious case of the flax seeds.
  • Howard, in flipping Junk (quite well), said in his very dry way “I don’t have it….(pause)…I do not have it.  I need assistance.  I need assistance.”  He did in fact have it and he threw that big old rubber tire over like yesterday’s doughnut, but it was worth a chuckle nonetheless over how polite Howard articulated the following:  “Hey knuckleheads, I am having trouble flipping this massive tractor tire in this random park while you jokers tell funny stories about recently retired football coaches…If you don’t mind, would you please assist me before I fall over?”
  • The Force of the Second F was so strong today that we actually had three separate COTs.  Once at the top of the hill with Junk being put to bed.  Once back at the backstop (Phase IV discussion of Petrino) and once more in yours truly’s yard.  Simply great.
  • Mule, Mule, Mule.  Saddle up the mule.
  • Door to Door.  Married.  This Weekend.  Good luck and godspeed, Brother.