Overview of Fletcher Workout: 45 min. boot camp style workout.  F3 Meat and Potatoes.  Calisthenics.  Start at 0615.  Done at 0700.  Funny Jokes are welcome.

Warm Up

1/3 Mile Run

40 SSH

25 Mtn Climbers

Fazio Circles


Imperial Walkers

Pay the Butcher–Modified Jacob’s Ladder

(1, 2, 3…7, 6, 5…1) Merkin at bottom of Hamburger Hill

Ascend Hamburger Hill

(1, 2, 3…7, 6, 5….1) Burpee at top of Hamburger Hill

Descend Hamburger Hill


Total of 50 Merkins, 13 Hamburger Hill Ascents and 50 burpees.

Mary (Moniteur-style No Rest for the Weary):

Dollies; LSFs, LBCs, Rosalitas, Alternating Oblique Crunches, Russian Hammers, Six Inch Hold, Freddy Mercuries

Run a Little, Run a Little, Run Some More

120 yd windsprint X 10

Plankarama:  Sarkozy, Putin, Planking for High Achievers



  • Welcome back to everybody’s favorite supersonic 26 year old, Track Star.  Track Star.  Getting married.  Traveling.  Fartsacking.  What have you.  #post
  • Yours truly thought it a good idea to roll out a nearly-vomit inducing smoker.  Sometimes, you’ve just got to pay the butcher.  So we did.  No complaints.
  • Mule 8 days out.  Viva.  Viva.
  • Good luck to Wendell Gee as he staves off an overdose on Israeli Fanta at the World of Coca Cola this weekend…
  • Equal tidings to Track Star as he studies the history of the chocolate fountain at the GC.