It was a cold, frosty morning at the Crick. YHC pulled into the parking lot to see plenty of cars waiting there. Only a moment later, a group of PAX came bear crawling down the path. Good to see so many gathered on a morning where the fartsack would’ve been ht easy choice.

A few more joined us and at 7am, we had 17. With 2 FNGs present, a disclaimer was given and away we went.

Jog a lap around the fields. Circle up. SSH x25, Good morning x15, Imperial Walker x20, Mountain climbers x15, Plank jacks x15, Fazios x10

Four corners. Count off by 4’s and report to your corner. 20 reps of the exercise assigned to your cone, then bear crawl to the next cone. Exercises were: Merkins, Squats, LBCs, Monkey Humpers. 2nd circuit-Crab Walk, 3rd circuit-Lunge walk between, 4th circuit-Wheel barrow between. In total 80 total of each exercise.

Unfortunately, halfway through our wheel barrow set we had a man down. YHC could tell our brother Dialtone was not looking so hot. Only a minute later, he was on his back. Without hesitation Kanye and a few others gathered around. He was shivering, talking a little bit. Our brother was able to answer some questions, Peak Week had a blanket handy. Few minutes later the ambulance was there. The EMTs took Dialtone into the ambulance, but didn’t take him to the hospital. Good news. A few stayed back to hang with our brother, the rest of us went back to work.

Mosey over to the field. Partner up. Partner 1- Full field sprint, 2- chilcutts. Flapjack. Repeato, this time with a 6 inch leg hold while your partner sprints. 3rd sprint, flutter kicks.

Head over to the rock pile. Grab a friendly looking rock, and mosey over to the step at the front of the building. Rock exercises called in cadence, run the stairs, across the top, down the other set of steps, backwards run the sidewalk back to our starting point. Find a different rock.

4 counts of each: Curls x15, Tricep extensions x15, Shoulder press x15, Rock Squats x15, Russian rock hammers x15.

Return your rock, jog back over to the picnic shelter. We paused for a second to say hello to our buddy Dialtone, who by now was up and walking around. We gathered almost our whole group back together. Time to finish strong.

At the picnic shelter: Balls to Walls x20 (4 count), sprint across the field and back. LBCs x20. Balls to Walls x20, sprint across the field and back, Freddie Mercury’s x20. Balls to the Walls x20, sprint and back. Finish up with Reverse LBCs x25.

We had already run a bit over, which YHC didn’t think the PAX would mind. Dialtone joined us for COT. Quite a relief to see the ambulance leave and have our brother with us as we closed. We all had a couple laughs as we wrapped up an eventful morning. Thankfully we were all able to laugh it off. That being said, it was another reminder to YHC the importance of that disclaimer we give at the beginning of each workout. We aim to push ourselves, to get better and stronger. But we all need to be careful. If something doesn’t feel right, stop. If something doesn’t seem right with the man next to you, encourage him to stop and keep an eye on him. In the end Dialtone was all good, and thankfully we held COT with him in the circle. Stay alert out there men.

F3 Connect 11/19:

Ruck at the Crick led by Candlestick next Saturday. Starts at 3am, bring some water, food and a ruck with weight of your choosing.

Prayers for Dialtone, for Ventura’s sister who is battling cancer and for Bob Ross’ dad in hospice.

Spurrier prayed us out. And then we all laughed with Dialtone about the fact he was still covered in electrodes from his ambulance visit. Singlewide sent me a picture to put in the backblast, but WordPress is rejecting in. NSFW probably.