The PAX came on a cool morning looking to make some heat.  We accomplished that.  We got down to it with a quick run to warm-up.  The PAX “enjoyed” some Fence Hoppers along with Single Leg Squats and Hanging Leg Raises.  I think the Hanging Leg Raisers may be keepers.


Run up to Entrance and back to gravel Road

In Cadence


Imperial Walkers

Mountain Climbers

Alternating Lunges

Run to Parking lot

The Thang

Parking Lot Split into 2 groups

2 Cycles

1’s Lap Around Parking Lot then Plank

2’s Squat Jumps


1’s (30) Merkins OYO Chin up, back straight, chin and chest to the ground

2’s Fence Jump


1’s Run to Speed Bump at Gravel Road plank on return

2’s Squat Hold until everyone finish


1’s Fence Jump

2’s (15) Burpees OYO

Flapjack only on 2nd Cycle…cause Q forgot first time around 😉

At Playground

2 cycles – OYO

(20) Hanging Leg Raises

(20) Left Right Step-Ups on Benches

At Picnic Tables

In Cadence

(10) Triceps Press with Top of Head to table – elbows point to ground

(15 each leg) Single Leg Squats with other leg on Bench


(15 each leg) Single Leg Squats with other leg on Bench

Balls to Wall 40 seconds then lower for 10

Balls to Wall 30 seconds then lower for 15


Slow Freddy Mercury


WorldWar II Sit-Ups

Merkin Hammers – a lot



Ethanol will be merging with subset of members from Urban Jungle to create a new site at Crabtree Mall to start at 5:30 on Wednesdays beginning November 19th.

Mondays 3rd F at Solas Coffee shop at Sawmill and Leadmine.  Look for more info coming in newsletters.

Mayhem took us out in prayer