Usually a PR comes from running a race faster than you have ever covered that distance before.  YHC had a PR today, but it had nothing to do with speed.  No, it was a new high on the Myrtle Meter.  9.3 to be exact.  While YHC benefitted from the full moon in the scoring system, he would like to think that the workout played some part.  At a time like this, all I can think to say is: suck it, Epoxy.


Mosey quickly to the parking deck for a warm-up of mountain climbers x 25, burpees x 10 OYO, good mornings x 10 and SSH x 30.  Karaoke down a level for 10 burpees OYO.  Karaoke down another level for LBCs x 25.  Backwards run down one more level for six inch leg hold for 5 count around the circle.

And they’re off.  The Pax charged up Varsity Drive where we stopped briefly for Freddy Mercury x 25, some time with the Protractor, bridge march x 10 each side, and American Hammers x 25.

Next we looped through the Greek Village looking for any truly hardy State frat boys who were still enjoying themselves.  No luck, but there was a good discussion amongst the Pax about architecture of fraternity row and the apparent benevolence of the alums of two houses compared to the rest.

The trek continued back to Centennial where we did a plank-o-rama, LBCs x 25 and then dealer’s choice of boxcutters (Myrtle), monkey humpers (Swirly; a crowd favorite and very confusing to the vending delivery man), WWII sit-ups x 20 (Plebe), and dying cockroach x 20 (Marley).


Turkey Trot is on Thanksgiving morning at 8:00 starting at Ridgewood Shopping Center.  Swirly and Tony Robbins are the Qs.  Register on-line and sign up for the F3 Raleigh team.

Swirly gave a good report on his mom and thanked the Pax for prayers and support.

Countrywide took us out with an excellent prayer.

It is always a pleasure and privilege to lead the men of Wolf Run.  Aye!