The newest triangle F3 workout, Tobacco Road, was started today. Floyd brought the shovel flag, Adolphus brought the energy, and YHC bought the pain.

Warm-up: jog, SSHx20, good mornings x10, windmills x10, IWx10, merkinsx10, stretching (yes, Riggs, stretching)

The Thang:
– While 2 pax perform people’s chair, the third runs above 50 years to a rock retaining wall and perform 10 box jumps – return and switch – repeat cycle with 10 derkins, then repeat again with 10 dips
– Another circuit: 25 derkins, 25 dips, 25 balls to the wall – rotate around – repeat circuit with 15 reps
– 2 Pax perform air squats while third runs really far (estimates between 500 yards and 3 miles) done in negative split fashion (faster on the way back) – cycle through
– Move over to a small hill – 2 pax do merkins while third runs up the hill, and back – repeat circuit x2 – then 2 pax do snowboarders while third runs up hill and back – repeat circuit x2 – 2 pax do LBCs while third bear crawls up the hill and back (this one sucked)… only 1 circuit

Very short Mary (6″ leg raise) and COT

– T-claps to Adolphus and Floyd for taking a leap of faith and try a new workout in a new location – Herndon park is an awesome location and I see a lot of possibilities here
– A word to the wise, make sure you don’t base your entire workout on 3foot tall metal baseballs – because when it rains they become slick and will ruin all hopes of using them
– Here’s the logic on how we determined the distance for the long distance sprint – usain bolt runs 100m in about 9 seconds – it took floyd about 3 minutes to run the length – therefore it was approximately 3 miles (this is starting to sound like F3 9000 or even calvin ball)
– Exciting things going on in the triangle – with raleigh as our model, Durham and Chapel Hill are expanding – Monday (to come) Chapel Hill – Durham Tuesday – Chapel Hill Wednesday – Durham Thursday – Chapel Hill Friday – Durham Saturday