If you ever have a chance to lead Hope Builders and are hesitant for the sole reason that “you haven’t done this before and you don’t know if you can do it well”, let me tell you…..after yesterday under the leadership of YHC, Dufresne is ready to handle absolutely any level of Q competence, and handle it as he always does with Grace…as he heaped much Grace on YHC yesterday. For Dufresne’s sake, YHC had to leave early and transferred Hope Builders leadership to Epoxy and Abu Nazir…..and the level of competence took a leap that would have you clear Mt. Mitchell! I do need to give a shout out to Pack Man, who showed up as we were starting and added his strong voice to the exercise counts….THANK YOU PACK MAN!!!!

Let me add a few sentences from Abu Nazir’s email to Tony Robbins regarding this Hope Builders……I can’t say what he says any better regarding Dufresne, Dufresne’s family and the Blessing he gives us every time we meet with him to exercise.

Dufresne was uber patient with us, at least outwardly, and always, his resilient spirit shone through and left me humbled and inspired. The way he and his family have handled such adversity and the resiliency, strength, faith and hope which they have and exhibit every day is nothing short of amazing. It certainly puts the minor setbacks or obstacles I face from time to time in perspective.

The Thang (patterned directly from Money Hose’s last Hope Builders Back Blast, less the vibrating Lazy Boy but with some count errors….appears this may be a constant outside of Tony Robbins Q Leads!

Leg Presses 15 x 3 (alternating)
Leg Rolls 15 x 3 (alternating)
Leg Lifts 20 X 4 or 5 (au pair can’t count) (alternating)
Little Baby Crunches 5 X 10
Leaning Towers of Pisa 5 X 10 (Wilson, Mr. Rogers and YHC/Orwell cutout here to go coach son’s ball game/practices)
…Q Lead transferred to Epoxy and Abu Nazir
Right to Bare Arms, aka Gun Show, aka Beach Muscles:
Chicken Wings 3 X 10 (alternating)
Animal? Weapons? 4 X 10 (alternating)
Pile Drivers 3 X 20 (alternating) (anybody remember Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart?)


Abu Nazir took everyone out in Prayer.