Warm-up: SSH x20, Standard Merkin x20, Mountain Climber x15, Fazio Arm Circles x10 forward x10 backward, Cotton Picker x10.

The PAX partnered up for three rounds of exercises. For every round, when the partner performing the primary exercise had to take a break, both partners did a burpee and kept increasing the count by an increment of 1 at each partner break. For the first round, the goal was to do a full wheel barrow lap around the side parking lot. When each partner needed a break, the burpees began.

For the second round, the PAX grabbed some cinder blocks. The goal was for the primary partner to carry the cinder block over his head while the other partner bunny hopped. When the primary partner couldn’t keep the cinder block above his head any longer, both partners continued with the same burpee count that they left off with from the first round. The lap consisted of getting all the way around the school perimeter.

For the third and final round, the PAX returned the cinder blocks and then jogged over to the front parking lot. Same concept with continuing the burpee count when the partner doing the primary exercise had to take a break. Starting at the first cross walk, the primary partner bear crawled while the other partner did lunge walks. This lap circled around the front parking lot.

Mary: WWII x20

Announcement:  9/11 Stair Climb at Carter-Finley at 5:30

Prayer Requests:  Crab Legs, Stretch, Moby