Drag Queen

6 brave PAX braved the 25 degree cold and the “early” and showed up for Extra Credit.  A run around the entire mall, jump ups up all flights of the parking deck stairs, and running back down the parking deck ramp made for an Extra Credit that warmed us up good.  We were met by an additional 13 PAX and at 19 Strong we stayed under the Parking Deck cover to Warm Up as follows:  Let me state for the record here that when it is 25 degrees a PAX should feel absolutely no danger of ridicule coming from other PAX on how he decides to dress up to stay warm.  Note the Cadence Count passed to different PAX each time, with the penalty of a poor 4 Count Cadence being 5 extra Burpees (cumulative) when we completed the main course.


  • Mountain Climber Merkins x 10  (YHC Orwell sensed a sleepy crowd so I called Mountain Climbers…but led with Merkins.  My sense of the sleepiness was confirmed as it took getting to the 3rd Merkin before the PAX called error).  Thank you PAX for finally waking up…as this was my plan all along.
  • Mountain Climbers x 25
  • Windmills x 15
  • Side Straddle Hops x 25

THE MAIN EVENT…turned over to Wilson

PAX ran to the Rock Pile past Mickee Dees on the Greenway.  As we ran under the first bridge an audible was called that was most certainly not planned.  Coming across a 4×4 Pickup that had minutes before gone airborne from the road 12-15 feet above us, flipped and was stopped from going into Crabtree Creek by a couple small trees, we stopped and found the driver still sitting in the drivers seat, wondering what had just happened.   Windows busted, all airbags had been deployed, and much sheet metal damaged.  Fortunately the driver was not hurt.  TadPole put his cell phone to good use and within minutes it seemed half of Raleigh’s finest (PD, FD and Rescue Squads) arrived.  We started back to the Rock Pile when we had this young man taken care of to start the following:

Pick a Rock…which was to be your friend for a while as Wilson led 3 sets of the following, with 4 count cadence continuing:

  • Rock Curls x 10
  • Rock Shoulder Presses x 10
  •  Rock Tricep Extensions x 10
  • Preachers Chair x 10.  I must note that Wilson and I earlier agreed to have these Preacher Chairs done by each PAX using another PAX’s back as their “wall”.  TadPole, Vortex and I missed the first set and half as we waited for RPD to arrive, and when we caught up with the PAX I must say I was dissappointed that Wilson apparantly acquiesced to the  PAX’s demands of “why not just use the real wall for the Preacher’s Chair”?    This easier form choice must be noted and held against Wilson as F3 Rule 23.B.7.c states the Q must not accept an easier form of the planned exercise routine unless it leads to real physical injury (or the potential to lead to this).  This change up was done soley to avoid a higher level of Pain; and this infraction will have to be placed in Wilson’s Personnel File.  Fortunately my very good Friend Wilson has a clean F3 Personnel File and I can’t imagine anything else will ever be added…………..

These 3 dialed down sets over, Wilson led the PAX for a one minute run down the Greenway with their friend Rock.  25 4-cadence count Rock Presses while laying on our backs, then the PAX ran back and discarded the rocks, and made our way back running to our Start Point.  Upon arrival Wilson called out 3 cummulative cadence count errors (I am ashamed to say all errors were done by today’s Co-Qs (Wilson and Orwell) ).  Wilson split these into 1 TOY (Ten Burpees on Your own), then 1 FOY (Five Burpees on Your own).

Mary consisted of one set of 15 Flutter Kicks….with Sir Bob Villa leading this perfect cadence count.  We ended with a Low Plank Hold around the circle with each PAX giving a 7 Count…this in itself got interesting.


  • Sign up for the Christmas Party if you haven’t already.  We have 111 signed up at last count.  Party is next Thursday (12/19) 7:00 at Tyler’s TapRoom.  Dufresne and M Dufresne are joining us!!
  • Sign up for HopeBuilders Workout with Dufresne.  CountryWide and I met M Dufresne (Erica) for the first time yesterday and she spoke of how Dufresne gets such a surge of HOPE every time any of us come by.  Guys, this is REAL LIFE.  I believe down to the marrow in my bones that GOD put us all where we are with F3 for many reasons (so many reasons the PAX as a whole will never know).  For those who haven’t yet worked out with Dufresne, I encourage you to set aside your life for this 45 mintues, so that you can become an empty vessel for GOD to work through in the lives of Dufresne, Erica, PackMan and their daughter.
  • I let the cat out of the bag and announced Caddy’s upcoming 2.0…my apologies Caddy.  Another benefit of F3….it is making the PAX mighty fertile!!

We ended with the below attached talk on “Perspective”.  I have pondered on the last sentence for two years now, and hope this speaks to you guys at times like it does to me.

Wilson ended us with a Prayer.  Guys, I have pondered on how to speak to this (not the main message as it was Sacred as it should be, but Wilson’s introduction).  For those who didn’t attend Flood Zone today, you have to be wondering what the heck the picture attached means.  I don’t know how to start explaining it, other than to say Wilson…………….again, I don’t know where to start……please help me guys with your Post responses, as I got addled when Wilson shared something with us that I would just as soon he kept to himself.



The Right Perspective…taken from author Andy Andrews giving an interview.


Right now, there are perfect moments occurring in your life, no matter how bad things may seem.

Without the right perspective, your list of perfect moment ingredients isn’t going to do a whole lot for you.


For example, in my book The Noticer I recount a real memory of a meal I shared with Jones, the book’s central character. He had invited me to join him on a sand dune near the ocean for what he called a “feast.” This “feast” turned out to be Vienna sausages and sardines. As we began the meal, he asked me what I was eating.

Puzzled, and a little annoyed by what the “feast” had turned out to be, I said, “I’m eating sardines and Vienna sausages.”


“Where?” he responded.

Still annoyed, I answered, “In the sand.”

He responded with something extraordinary that still affects me to this day:

“Young man, you see only the sand at your feet and what you are eating that you wish was something else. I don’t tell you this as a rebuke; you are very ordinary in your views. Most people are just like you, disgusted with themselves for what they are and what they eat and what they drive. Most of us never stop to think that there are quite literally millions in this world who lack our blessings and opportunities, have no food to eat at all, and no hope of ever owning a car.”

Then, he really hit me with something: “Incidentally, you ate sardines and Vienna sausages in the sand. I dined on surf and turf with an ocean view. It’s all about perspective.”