Reason No. 432 that Wikipedia has redefined pop culture?  “Tabatas,” aka Ciabattas to some, have been known to folks for a while in fitness circles.  That’s one level of being “in the know.”  A lot of people are, and YHC is not special.  Thanks to Wikipedia, you can learn the following: Doctor Jeffrey Izumi Tabata helped train Japanese Olympic speedskaters.  Peter Coe probably beat Doctor Tabata to the punch by about 25 years, and even then he was copying Professor Gerschler over in Germany.  Which brings us full circle, because it looks like Professor Gerschler was running his own Hi Fidelity at the equivalent of Martin Middle School when he cooked up the Gerschlers, or as TARP would likely refer to them, the Groslchs.  No doubt, a Richard Alpert-esque Ben Johnson was in the shadows passing supplements to the good professor.  And that’s the rest of the story.

The Thang:

Ciabattas in Celebration of TARP

One station per man.  Circle up in the vicinage of the backstop and the Pavillion.  20 seconds on.  10 seconds off.  Max reps.  5-6 cycles and rotate clockwise.

CK Kettlebell Swings

45 lbs Plate Overhead Press

PVC Shot Stone Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner Squats

Dead Hang Pull Ups

45 lbs Plate Upright Rows

Scotty Bobs

Bob Villa Home Improvement Sand Bag (“When the Levee Breaks…”) Sit down squats

Medicine Ball Toss

Medicine Ball Toss

TARP Gun Show Bicep Curls with Straight Bar

Sears Bar Clean

Curl Bar Upright Rows


  • Our man Dieter is invincible.  He’s been right there in the mix at nearly all if not all Spartant races that someone from F3 Raleigh has participated in.  Find the finish line shot?  Dieter’s in it.  Tclaps.  The quiet strength is there in that one.  The force field of Dieter saved the day yesterday morning when YHC’s medicine ball toss sailed over the backstop and –thanks to the forcefield and genuine grace at Christmas-landed innocusouly in the mud.
  • The beat goes on at Heavy Metal.  The clown car.  The unload.  The reload.  The quiet pause in our beloved dried out creekbed.  The happy banter at the end.  Ringworm (fresh from checking Glanz-Culver Lines via dedicated teletype to the Harrah’s Casino) is Captain of a sweet to quite sweet Golden Buick Oldsmobile Buick that rolled in straight off the VFW lot.  Literally left the boxed barbecue chicken fundraiser and drove directly to Heavy Metal.  For true authenticity, It looked like he needs to locate and reload the embroidered tissue box in the rear dash.  He’s a great pick up for Team Heavy Metal.  Strong?  Funny?  Check.  Check.  We’re hoping Cowbell joins us soon.
  • A great subplot of Heavy Metal adventures is the apparent coaching carosel rivalry potential recruiting persons of interest   As best I can tell, Sexy Rexy may be a coach in a league in which Epoxy is also a coach.  Of separate teams.  Wilson (whom we miss and we think of fondly) may also be a front office guy and/or banned coach.  That may or may not compete directly?  I don’t know.  And then there was some discussion at the end that somewhere in the mix, Orwell and and/or Bullseye is recruited to practice but not play against Epoxy’s team.  Which may or may not have been sensitive coaching strategy divulged right there on Roanoke field.  A factfinding inquiry is underway.
  • Thanks to Mister Todd Fungo for great Site Q work and helping the equipment manager throughout.
  •  On a serious note, we prayed that grace might deliver those men whom we need, and who need us, to a field somewhere in a park before dawn with a bunch of strangers.  To test the simple proposition that the sum is greater than its parts.  Amen.
  • Announcements:  Forge is moving to 0545.  Was 0600.  On Tuesdays.  In Pullen Park.  In January.  This would be starting Tuesday, January 7, by my sun dial.