When I arrived, Repo was sitting, lonely, in his car with the engine going, perhaps prepared for a quick escape if no one else showed up when the clock his 0600.  After some discussion about the likelihood of being the only two foolish enough to go outside voluntarily this morning, we were greeted by a few more sets of headlights and ulimately seven Pax came out to enjoy this week’s edition of Wolf Run in twenty-something degree weather.  Well, six came to the designated spot for the Wolf Run, but a few of those noticed a silver FJ Cruiser that entered Oval Drive and headed for the park-and-ride lot where Wolf Runners formerly met.  About six months ago.  Surmising that this might be none other than Jonathan Utah, we headed in that direction and were gratified to find that we were correct and our baker’s half dozen headed out.

The Thang:

We put in about four miles today with the route being Oval – Centennial – Nazareth – Western – Dan Allen – all over the campus of our local institution of higher agricultural learning – back to Dan Allen – Hillsborough Street – Pullen Drive – detour through campus – Western – Nazareth – Centennial – Oval.

Along the way we stopped a few times to exercise.  The rule at stop lights was burpees until the sign said “cross.”  At the first stop on Western, many burpees were done before the question in the title was asked.  Fortunately our late arriving brother Utah became adept at finding the buttons at various crosswalks and prevented more pain than necessary.

We also stopped along the route for:

(1) Prisoner squats x 30

Star jumps x 10 OYO

Quick feet x 20

Irkins x 15

Star jumps x 10 OYO

(2) Dips x 20

Jump ups x 10 OYO

French dip x 20 count (thanks again to Utah for the “French” cadence count)

Jump ups x 10 OYO

Dips x 15

(3) Plank-o-rama




No time for Mary.