I was originally scheduled to Q Flood Zone next week, but moved up a week to make way for Hello Kitty’s rescheduled Q. That makes the third Q this week for me, and my prerun and Q yesterday was haunting me this morning. At least we would be in a parking deck! When I arrived, Wilson made sure to point out that we didn’t have to go out in the rain. I told him I was already on it.

Warm Up:
Check for FNGs, give the mission and disclaimer, and warm up:
Side Straddle Hops x20 In Cadence (IC)
Good Mornings x10 IC
Imperial Walkers x20 IC
Monkey Humpers x10 IC
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10 IC Forward, x10 IC Reverse
Standard Merkins x10 On My Down (OMD)
Mountain Climbers x10 IC
Downward Dog calf stretches
World’s Greatest Stretch

Main Event:
1) Mosey to base of parking ramp for Jacob’s Ladder of Man-maker/Plank Jack Burpees
2) Mosey up stairs to next level and partner up for Dora 1-2-3 of 100 Merkins, 200 Little Baby Crunches (LBCs), 300 Squats. Running partner runs parking lot square at the end of the parking deck
3) Mosey to nearest line of parking spaces. Partners line up. 1 Partner does As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) of an exercise while partner 2 runs to Northwest wall and back. Flapjack. Round 1: Carolina Dry Docks. Round 2: Reverse Lunges (Runges I am told) Round 3: Dying Cockroaches
4) Mosey back downstairs for All You Got sprint back to start for Mary

Usually I don’t respect Dolly and cut her short or cut her out altogether. This time I got us back a little too early…
Dolly x20 IC
Freddy Mercury x20 IC
Homer to Marge x20 IC (fun crowd noise here)
Rosalita x20 IC
LBCs x20 IC (Wilson points out will already did these)
Reverse LBCs x20 IC
Pigeon pose stretches
Have a Nice Day

21 PAX
7th Anniversary of The Arena is today. Please come out and support/celebrate. Countrywide/Duff co-Q. Duff is planning to wing it. Don’t forget your mask!
YHC announces a Q Challenge for 2021; same Q challenge as 2020, just an extra Q. Use Snowbird’s tracker.
Keillor offers food incentives for six PAX to sign up to Q a future Flood Zone; he is successful
Jimmer has organized a CSAUP in the style of the Krispy Kreme challenge for this Saturday before Ambassador for those interested
Prayers for Keillor’s mother in law
YHC took us out

Naked Moleskin:
It was not as cold today as it has been. YHC actually overdressed then checked the weather and corrected.
I really wished I wasn’t signed up to Q when I woke up this morning, but getting out there with everyone was totally worth it.
Very good point was made to me by Countrywide about how AMRAP gives some space for some 2nd F
This was my eleventh #F3Q21 #2021Challenge Q. Next stop is Zero Hour on 2/8 (Monday)

QIC: Pigpen
PAX: Air, Boitano, Cinderella, Countrywide, Dow, Duff, Gaines, High Life, Hoffa, Keillor, My Precious, No Sugar, Overdraft, Peaches, Pigpen, Pluff Mud, Rain Man, Rockport, Shake ‘N’ Bake, Wilson, Zima
Workout Date: 02/05/21