16 pax braved DOT’s Freezing Rain Advisory to post at Pullen for a guest beatdown co-Q’d by @F3ChapelHill’s own Rodeo and Adolphus. Tclpas to the pax for coming out and welcoming us to the City of Oaks.

The Thang:

SSH x 25
Imperial Walker x 20
Windmill x 20
Bodyweight Squats x 20
Mountain Climber x 20

Indian Run around parking lot (1.5 laps)

Run to covered picnic tables (gazebo #4), two laps on the stairs. At the tables:
Irkins x 20
Dips x 15
Irkins x 25
Dips x 10
Irkins x 30
Dips x 5 (low & slow)

Run to parking deck on State campus

Number off by 3s for Usain Bolts (one group chooses an exercise for other two to do – as many of each as possible – while said groups sprints the length of the parking deck ramp and back. Recover once each group’s last man crosses the start line).
Mini Dips
Spiderman Merkins
Mission Impossible Planks
Star Jumps
(YHC forgetting one)

Run back to Pullen, post at the bottom of the hill below the tennis courts.

Number off by 2 for Partner Retrieves:
Each group sprints the hill, one pax (per group) left at top does continuous burpees while the rest of the group runs back down and does 10 count of called exercise, then sprints back to retrieve the burpee-er and leaving another. Continue as such until all pax have been left and retrieved.
Exercises at bottom of hill include:
Reverse LBCs
Dry Docks
Diamond Merkins
Mission Impossible Planks
Knee Jumps
Roof Raisers (overhead shoulder press, 4 count cadence)
Bodyweight Squats

Run to rock pile near tennis court, choose two rocks (one for two-handed, another for one-handed exercises)

21-Gun Salute (two-handed curls, 7 reps from bottom to midline, 7 from top to midline, 7 full range)
Rows (one handed, on hand and knees) x 15 each arm
He-Man (squat to pick up bigger rock, stand, full curl, overhead press, curl down, squat rock back to ground) x 20
Rows x 15/arm
21-Gun Salute

Run bridges toward main entrance, head to playground
Hammer Circle (tight circle, all pax do Russian Hammers as soccer ball is passed around) x 5 circuits
Merkins x 10


Naked Moleskin:

– Thanks again for letting Rodeo and YHC take the reins, we’ll be back in the Capitol to co-Q Dawn Patrol on 12/12. Hope to see y’all there.

– F3 Chapel Hill continues to grow but the more the merrier, send any and all Chapel Hill/South Durham/Carrboro friends/family/colleagues/etc. our way, we’ll take it from there. Recruitment is aided by the correct-blue Chapel Hill SF, made by the one & only Howard (Tclaps again brother).

– Tclaps to Money Hose for making a rare Saturday post, and for rocking the collard shirt/new kicks/high socks ensemble. Because some folks just have more class than others (time to up your game, others).

– Christmas Party, Tyler’s Taproom Dec. 19th @ 7:00. 97 HCs at last count, Mdolphus and I make 99. Details here: http://f3nation.com/2013/12/03/pre-blast-f3-raleigh-christmas-party/

– Per Maize: 3rd F kicks off this Thursday, December 12th from noon to 1pm. 4600 Marriott Drive, Ste. 150. Bring your lunch, site Qs are Orwell, Larry David and Caddie.