Huzzah! This 15th century exclamation roughly translates to “Aye, merry Christmas!” Is this true? Trust me, I’m a doctor.

Thus, it is the perfect thing to exclaim when you enter Tyler’s Taproom in Raleigh on Thursday, December 19th at 7pm for your F3Raleigh Christmas Party! Join your F3 brethren to celebrate the season, reminisce about another great year of F3, and introduce our respective M’s to the PAX and each other. And if you need another reason to gather over great food and beer with some of the best men in the triangle, we will also be coming together in a big way for the F3Foundation.

Here are the need-to-know details:
WHEN: Thursday, December 19th @ 19:00
WHERE: The Speakeasy room at Tyler’s Taproom, 18 Seaboard Ave. in Raleigh.
WHO: All men of F3 Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill and their M’s
What is provided: A generous spread of appetizers, as well as a selection wine (for the M’s)
What is on you: your individual bar tab
What is requested of you: RSVP to the email invite you should already have received

Good-to-know details:
+ In the spirit of giving, there will be an opportunity to contribute, via cash or check, to F3Raleigh’s formal donation to the F3 Foundation. Great things are happening at F3F and this could be an exciting way to jumpstart Raleigh’s participation with an outstanding group. How much would you like to see our group give? It’s up to you.

+ How is it that pre-ordered food and wine is taken care of? I’m glad you asked. Many of your F3 brothers have stepped up to help sponsor this event. If you would like to contribute to this effort, please contact Slash at Any size “sponsorship” is appreciated, but if you need a little guidance, please know that the vast majority of our sponsors have chosen to jump in at the $100 level. And know that funds volunteered that exceed the cost of the food and wine will go directly into our donation to F3F.

+ If you have any pictures of the PAX (appropriate for display at the party), at workouts, CSAUP events, non-F3 events, please contact Floppy Disk.

+ If I haven’t said it already, please RSVP at your earliest convenience. You should have received a Paperless Post invite from Costco. If you didn’t, just let us know in the comments section below.

Thank you all for coming together for what I am sure will be a great night. Aye!