The virtual shovel flag was planted due to rain in the setting of ideal gloom for early December. The unsuspecting PAX of 19 showed great energy, then displayed the natural brotherhood that F3 inspires. YHC gave a heads up that a partner would be needed and that we would not travel in a hurry. New props were introduced for the set, not quite for the full hour but close……

The Thang:

Warm Up: Mountain Climbers x15, Good Mornings x 15, Plank Jacks x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Jumping Jack Merkins x 15

Parking lot sprints x 2

Pick up our new friends (4″x4″x6′ wood posts) & partner up

Squats x 15, Military Press x 15, Tricep Press x 15…….jog to parking deck

At the end of each stretch stop for Burpees ascending to 6 at the top…..with your post

Derkins x 15, Side to Sides x 15, Front & Back x 15, Military Press x 15, Triangles x 15… move back down the deck, walking lunge to start. Jog back towards Carroll

Stop at parking lot: Military Press x 20, Incline Merkins x 15, Decline Merkins x 15, Curls x 20

Jog to basketball courts next to football field

Drop the posts & grab a rock… a lap with rock

Stonehenge: Tricep Press x 15, Russian Hammers x 15, Skull Crushers x 10, 10 Sit Ups….head to courts again drop the rocks and get the posts

Bench Press x 20, Military Press x 25, 10 Sit Ups, LBCs x 15, Reverse LBCs x 15, Something else….I forgot

Head up steps: Peoples Chair for 90 seconds, Balls to the Wall for 90 seconds

Mary: Post Over Head for Core Hold x 20, The “J Lo” x 15, Chilcutt Circle with 5 count each…and that is all.

QOD:  “With willing hearts and skillful hands, the difficult we do at once; the impossible takes a little longer.” – Unknown

Naked Moleskin:

-Might have left some things out above, hard to remember all of the reps…we did a lot. Arms and shoulders are feeling it already. Nice job of rotating turns with the spare post among the group and changing partners, always great to see a plan play out without suggestions. Vortex has F3 in his routine and we’re enjoying the Cary crowd making the trek to North Hills on Saturdays. Aye!

-I saw the QOD on the door to Dufresne’s room and it’s really stuck with me. At this stage many are aware of the F3 mission, but this quote summarizes what we believe in as well as anything I’ve seen.

-“Go forth and multiply”: Prayers for Gnobby & MGnobby as they patiently wait to become parents. Join me in celebrating new parents to be in 2014…..joyous news for TARP & Cinderella as their M’s are expecting next May. Box Jump & MBoxJump have baby #4 on the way. #no fear

-Welcome back Rain Man! Surgery recovery is complete, comes back to a rainy 45 degrees and takes a solo turn with a post. T-claps!

Christmas Party December 19th – Please RSVP…..sign up and most importantly show up! Close to 100 have made a HC already. Great opportunity to see each other in clean clothes and introduce our better halves. Donations to the F3 Foundation will be collected that night.

The 3rd F kicks off this Thursday, December 12th from noon to 1pm. 4600 Marriott Drive, Ste. 150. Bring your lunch, site Qs are Orwell, Larry David and Caddie.

Toys 4 Tots through Wednesday! Get your new items to Rob Burgundy, Bob Vila, myself or other Brooks Pierce attorneys (too many to count) NOW.

Sign up for Hopebuilder

Prayers Sympathies Thoughts for the Flood Zone fire ant attack victims…..lots of chatter over a bug bite incident. Well, it did give Kix their first ever “Trending Now” status on Google and might have even triggered a donation to Wikipedia. Maybe not, ho hum. Hope Dredd doesn’t pick up on it, he’ll reassign the most sensitive tag back to us. #keepitinpalmettostate

-Abacus has the Q at Catalyst next Saturday, I see more props coming. Lamp is now the Site Q at Wolf Run, Elsinore & Ron Burgundy are the Site Qs at North Hills. T-claps #followerstoleaders

-Picture above is Au Pair’s idol… I had to share. The obsession that has the passion of a flameless candle flickers on and on and on. #thebangles

It’s still a final: South Carolina 31 – Clemson 17