6 pax planted the VSF this morning, but hearts were glum with the rain, the cold, and the impending beat down of Duke’s football team. YHC knew that times were desperate, and only drastic measures would suffice…

Enter the holiday that everyone can agree on…FESTIVUS!!! Or F3STIVUS!!!

Out came the festivus poles (aka the 35# shafts) to help celebrate.

Warm up:
Arm circles
Good mornings x 20
SSH x 20


Mosey to the quad
McFlerkins x AMRAP – Paparazzi wins
Low plank x ALAP – Paparazzi again

Mosey to the wall
McDerkins x AMRAP – Riggs wins
Dips x AMRAP – Seinfeld wins

Mosey to the PAINground
Pullups x AMRAP – Paparazzi
Hanging knee ups – Paparazzi

Mosey to the quad
Double F3STIVUS pole press x AMRAP (rest of pax does alternating RH x 10 and FM x 10) – Floyd

Mosey to Wimbleton
BTTW x ALAP – Paparazzi
Doogie runs the NFL combine agility drill…and wins with 24 seconds (wind aided)


– Papa is an animal
– Man Club Sunday night 7:45 at The Stig’s house
– Top Shelf Tuesday 4:50 AM Duke parking deck
– Tobacco Road Thursday 5:30 AM Herndon Park