7 pax battled heat and humidity to get stronger this morning at Pleasantville. Here’s what we did.

Warm up, all in cadence:

SSH x20, Imperial Walker x20, Willie Mays Hayes x10, Arm Circle x10, reverse x10, Merkin x20.

The Thang:

Jog to pickup circle at Scroggs Elementary and pair up. Partner 1 does merkins while Partner 2 sprints the circle. Switch and repeat, until 100 merkins were knocked out by the pair. Plank until all groups have finished.

With no rest, straight into the same but this time with 100 WWIIs for each pair.

After a 10 count, we saved the best for last: 100 burpees for each pair.

Once all pax were done, we jogged to the elementary school playground for 3 sets of 10 pull-ups.

Jog back to the village green, stopping on the way for 3 sets of 15 dips.

8 minutes of dealer’s choice Mary included cross-LBCs, American Hammer, flutter kicks, heels to heaven, more flutter kicks, plank-o-rama, dry docks, and more LBCs.

Thanks as always for the privilege of leading you this morning, guys.