Co-Pay on his maiden Voyage this morning at Eastbound.
Cadence was a little Choppy at first then he got into a rhythm.

One FNG this morning – works in NC State Athletic Dept- so we kindly named him Jock Strap-

530 PAX circled- Disclaimer given and we went to work

Good morning 10 Rep Cadence count.
Standard stretch down to right foot, middle, left foot 10 count each/cadence

Partner Run –
Starting at East gate parking lot to the North Hills Amphitheatre Stage – 1 mile-
Doing 10 Spider man merkins on the partner exchange.

On the stage –
Fazio arm circles set of 20 on cadence then reversed another set of 20 on cadence
Standard Merkins- set of 10 on cadence into Carolina Dry Docks 10 on cadence
Hold it on a high plank hold 10 count – hold it again low plank hold 10 count

Circuit Run around the loop near Chueys-
Each diagonal corner –set of 10 squat jumps and other corner 10 merkins OYO
Total of 5 times around

Back to stage-
10 chilcut/10 six inch leg hold, 15 same, 20 same (Stole from Chippy- so thank him)

Recover on the run to the parking lot of church of the Apostles to move a cooker(Heavy)- Friar Tuck told me he needed some help on it.

Run to corner of St Albans and Hardimont- Plank wait for crowd – 10 merkins OYO
Run to Corner of Hardimont and Quall Hollow- Plank wait for crowd, 10 merkins OYO
Finish hard with a run to the tennis court
Circle up

911 Stair Run 630 Carter Finley Stadium

Man Crush – his relative who lost her child to Leukemia is being induced today with another Child
Furley’s buddy is having back problems, making mobility an issue
Friar Tuck is taking his daughter down to ECU today for Freshmen Drop Off.