Monday seems like a long time ago.¬†Here’s to “better late than never”.¬† 18 PAX got up in the gloom–rainy, muggy gloom–to start a work week that’s now nearing its end.

The Thang:

Bear Crawl up Currituck Drive

SSH X 20

Mtn Climbers X 20

Imperial Walkers X 20

Everest–Indian Run up Currituck Dr. to North Hills

Mom’s Morning Out/aka Chong-Li Special on fake grass at NH

Decline Merkins X 15; Incline Merkins X 15; Dips X 15

Repeat with sets of 10, then 5

Mary on the Lawn

LBC x 60

Rosalita X 30

Russian Hammer X 20

Six-inch leg hold 18 guys X 5 seconds

Return Run–jog back to NH Park, stopping along Six Forks Road for

set of 10 burpees

set of 10 merkins

set of 10 merkins

Back at NH park–alternate–one group suicides/other group balls to the wall