13 PAX gathered at True Grit to unknowingly “slay the serpent”

Chatter started to build as we talked in the parking-lot about the CLT boys that never showed…   Due to the past months of GORUCK training…. I have learned many lessons one being pain eliminates chatter… it was time to start the pain.

Welcome to the True Grit recap – Lets do this.

The Thang

Jog to top of path for warm up exercises

– Side Shuffle Hops X 20

– Good Mornings X 20

– Mountain Climbers X 20

– Fazio Arm Circles X 20 ( without Fazio?!?)

Jog back down path, hard right inside fence to the gateway of Grit Hill

Grit Hill serpent slayers

 25 Diamond MERKINS       Hill Sprint     25 Prisoner Squats    Jog down Hill

20 Star Jumps          Hill Sprint                 20 Lunge Jumps       Jog down Hill

15 Burpees               Hill Sprint                 15 Burpees               Jog down Hill

20 wide grip merks   Hill Sprint                 20 air squats             Jog down Hill

25  Merkins              Hill Sprint                 Squat hold
Once again it was time to test the brute strength of bears and gorillas….

Bear Vs Gorilla

PAX formed 2 lines to race down path to lower hills swapping animals at the convergence of the trail

* General consensus – Bears are faster than Gorillas

Jog To pull up bars for

2 ATTA times

2 Men sprint to Pull up bars for AMRAP Pull ups   (until group hit 15th cadence count) followed by AMRAP  Knee ups (Until group hit 30th cadence count)

Group does MARY until 2 get back and rotate

  • LBCs
  • Reverse LBCs
  • Heels to heaven
  • WW2 Sit-ups
  • Chill Cuts –  GORUCKERS still need your change tell Pete you can’t pay him until next week…
  • Supermans
  • Freddy Mercurys

6 Min fellowship run


Announcements –

Sign up for GORUCK, May 25th. You still have time to blow your mind..

(If not at least let us carry your change… Contact Fazio / Bob Villa)

Need HCs for below Events…

Susan Komen race for the cure – June 8th – Contact Caddy

Spartan Super – August 24th- Contact Utah

Blue Ridge Relay – September 6-7 – Contact CK

2nd F – Next Thursday 5/30 at PRs, be there to drink beer….

New workouts coming your way …. stay tuned for more details.

Final Note : If F3 has changed your life as it does for many PAX , stop being selfish and showing up to workouts alone…. recruit more folks, wake up earlier, pick them up, bring them with you, they need this just as much as you do.

I challenge you all to bring someone new out or even better get those guys that came out once or twice and make them regulars.