Three gathered in the gloom near the shovel flag to engage the day.  Gridlock, on his inaugural Q calls the time, and leads us out.


*Warm Up (Stone Circle)

– Side Shuffle Hop x 20

– Mountain Climbers x 15

– Imperial Walkers x 15

– Good Mornings x 15

*Robert Plant x 2

Journey to the Picnic tables near carousel

– Dip x 10

– Alt. Left-Right Step Up x 10

– Squat x 10 (Merkin x 10, Star Jump x 10)

– Sprint around the Carousel

– Rinse, Wash, Repeat



– Incline Merkin x 5

– Jump Up x 5

– Repeato


– Bear Crawl Across the Grass

Jog over to the Island of Pain

Lunge walk across bridge


– Standard Plank x 10

– Putin x 5

– Sarkozy x 5

– Standard Plank x 10

– Lunge walk across bridge

After a strong lead, Howard steps up to finish the morning

Mosey to the Parking Lot for Quick Feet and squats x 15 each


Say Howdy to Andy and Opie for a Push-o-rama

Merkins x 10

Diamonds x 3

Wide x 5

Offset x 5

Offset (other side) x 5

Find our way over to the Play Ground pull up bar

3 Pull Ups x 3 while group waits (plank, chillcut, low squat hold)


Dying Cockroach x 15

Hello Dolly x 15

LBC x 20

Window Washers x 15

Cross Body Crunch x 15

High Slow Flutter x 15

Russian Hammers x 15

Mosey around the lake one more time.



Gridlock offered a strong lead.  Well done.

We continue to have small numbers at the Forge, but will continue on to offer a place for FNGs to come a get a taste of what hundreds of men find to be an essential part of their mornings.  The invitation is out there, headlock those #sadclowns and drag them to the Forge.

YHC would like to offer his own editorial here as he’s thought about the quality of men he encounters at F3.

In II Samuel 23 you can read to story of the “mighty warriors” of David.  The term mighty warriors (“geber” and variations of it in Hebrew) denotes men of strength, valor, and purpose.  I believe it is the kind of men F3 seeks to build.  One of those men in particular, Eleazar son of Dodai the Ahohite, reminds me of the brothers that gather in the gloom.  In the story, the Israelites’  battle with the Philistines is difficult.  The Davids army retreats…all except Eleazar who stayed in the battle.  The Bible tells the story this way,  Eleazar stood his ground and struck down the Philistines till his hand grew tired and froze to the sword. The Lord brought about a great victory that day. The troops returned to Eleazar, but only to strip the dead. He stood his ground.  He didn’t back down.  He didn’t retreat.  He fought long and hard, until his hand grew so tired he couldn’t open his fingers to let go of the sword.  I see in my F3 brothers the will to stand, to fight, to do what it takes to be stronger, better, mighty warriors.  We do it to overcome the challenges that we face.  So we can stand against the enemies that face our families and our communities.  We dig in, raise our swords, and face the enemy head on.  We start with physical strength, but the greatest strength comes when we “engage the core” of fellowship and faith.  This is the blessing of F3. It’s not just a workout, but a community of men who help us reach higher and strive to be better.  Well done brothers.