Troller called in sick. No FNGs. The 3 of us were off. Mosey around Cary town hall to Academy Street for warm-up of; SSH, Wind mill, Merkens, Mountain climbers, low plank hold, Imperial Walker.

Mosey over to the reflecting pool adjacent to the Police station for emergency 911’s. Knock out 9 burpees, run up the stairs to the hand rails for 11 derkens. Complete five rounds.

Mosey to lower level parking deck to complete 5 rounds of S.O.S. 5 Staggered merkins each side, run to top of stairs, 2 One legged burpees on each side, repeat 5 rounds.

Mosey back to the reflecting pool for 5 rounds of emergency 911’s. This time with 9 dips, run up the stairs to the hand rails for 11 Aussie pull-ups. Complete five rounds.

Mosey to top of stairs for 2 X Mary speed round. WWIIs, LBCs, Freddy Mercs, Dying cockroach, 6″ leg hold, and lastly Superman pulses while we discuss each of our children, their names and ages.

9/11 stair climb
Labor Day convergence

Prayer concerns. I am sure there were many

YHC took us out in prayer. YHCs daughter recently challenged YHC to read Bob Goff’s book “Love Does”. After looking at it for about 4 to 5 months YHC found himself with no other book to read so finally picked it up. Thankfully I did. Easy read and some really Great messages. I would challenge each of you to do the same and have your middle Schooler or older child read the book. My prayer for the day came was inspired from this book and it should’ve gone something like this:
     “God, your invitation surrounds us each and every day. A greeting, a smile, a kind gesture, a welcoming and present heart or a struggle, a challenge to face or a difficulty to overcome and learn from.  We pray to you God that each day we except the gifts you offer, life’s invitation, and that we not live in fear or envy but live with purpose and action to do your will.”

* YHC knew it would be difficult to get the pax out on a Tuesday afternoon. But if only one other pax shows up, it is definitely worth while. It only takes two to make a community, it only takes two to lead and follow, it only takes two for iron to sharpen iron.
* With only 3 pax naming rights were tabked until we have larger numbers.
* The heat at the top of the stairs in the parking deck is utterly unbearable. You need a sauna, it’s there.
* Pax of two headed to bond brothers for a little F2. That would be a Term Paper and YHC. This was YHCs first foray to bond brothers. What an awesome setting. This should become the official F2 site on Tuesdays with an invitation to the M’s to join us at 6:30. And if you can’t make the work out, then join us anyway at 6:30.
* YHC and TP were in heavy discussion when YHC recognizes a past neighbor from five years ago who happens to own the food truck “Qspresso”. YHC highly recommends their food.
* We planned on picking up a shirt for Skyblue Too, pax formally known as Callahan. We sent him a picture for approval with no response. Youngun’