Twenty PAX — including 4 FNGs — turned out for some pain Catalyst Style to start the weekend.  Had a good hour, highlighted by a Partner Carry right along Six Forks Road, a fairly busy thoroughfare.  The good citizens of Midtown Raleigh didn’t know what to think. The Thang — Warm Up Jog SSH x 20; Mtn Climber X 20; Imperial Walker X 20; Windmill X 20 Jog to Six Forks Road.  Partner Carry Two Blocks. BCG. Mini-Mary: LBC; Rosalita; Hello Dolly; Rosalita; Hello Dolly Chong Li Special — incline merkins, merkins, dips, dirkins X 15, X 10, X 5 With rocks — squats, curls, tricep extensions, squats, curls, tricep extensions X 20 each time The Veronica Corningstone Shuffle around the track Mary # 2: LBCs, Freddy Mercury; Ukraine Hammer; Six-inch leg hold COT