As YHC and his old man back awaited the rest of the Pax jogging from Pullen, there were many in the way of company, including an FNG who has been resisting calls from multiple F3’ers for the past several months (hint:  hardcore WFU fan, Raleigh native, “people broker”, and all around great guy).  Also hovering in the gloom were about 30-40 clients waiting on rides to St. Martin for their required AA classes.  These men are all in the OTS portion of The Healing Place program and thus are not able to participate in The Arena quite yet, but many conversations were held about The Arena and encouragement to try it out once they are eligible.  Although we have yet to see a current client post, the persistently strong F3 presence is garnering more and more attention every week and client participation will happen soon.  I continue to be proud of the level of participation and interest from the Pax of F3 Raleigh in helping the men of The Healing Place by posting at The Arena.

Once the jogging Pax arrived and recovered from the shock of seeing our FNG present, we run to the other end of the parking lot to begin.

The Thang:

Warmups:  SSH x 30, Windmills x 20, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 20 / reverse, Mountain Climbers x 20

Walk to interior courtyard for:

Incline merkins x 10, Jump Ups (note, not recommended for gimpy backs) x 10 oyo, decline merkins x 10, jump ups x 10 oyo.  Rinse and repeat.

Walk back to rock pile by parking lot for a little Pass the Rock in honor of March Madness (thanks Zima):

Curls x10, pass the rock, Shoulder press x10, pass the rock, Tricep press x10, pass the rock, Shoulder press x10, pass the rock and Repeato.

Run aka hobble over to the volleyball court and map out the imaginary boundaries.  Group 1 starts at one corner, bear crawls to opposite baseline, side plank crawls to other sideline, backward bear crawl to opposite baseline, side plank crawl to start.  Group 2 does partner people chair while waiting.  Flapjack.  Round 2 involves crab walking around the court while other group does max merkins oyo.

Run to field for a quick interval run.  Run to first pole, 5 jump shot burpees, run to next pole, 10 star jumps, run to top of hill for a quick view of the downtown skyline.  For the return, run to first pole, then defensive slides to next pole, rotate to other side and defensive slides back to the start.

Speed walk back to interior courtyard for Mary.

LBC x 30, American Hammer x 20, Freddie Mercury x 20


Name o Rama and naming of the FNG, Mr. Johnny McConnell, as Bones (as in Bones McKinney, the legendary WFU coach aka the anti-Jeff Bzzdelik).  Note that Bones did not give any prior notice of his intent to post, for fear of Orwell having the time to come up with a much more embarrassing moniker.

Go Ruck – give it a shot.

We ask for continued presence at The Arena as we build this workout and create something meaningful and beneficial to the clients at The Healing Place.  Teddy plans to make multiple announcements at THP this week about The Arena – we really appreciate his, Pacey and Big Poppy’s efforts in encouraging clients to post.

Prayer requests for Dufresne, the 2-year old daughter of a friend of New Mexico’s who is having brain surgery to remove a tumor, and others I have missed.  Also a praise for Orwell’s mom, who caught the beginnings of Lyme disease and Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever from a tick bite early enough to not be in danger, thanks to Orwell’s experience with Dufresne.  Truly a blessing and Orwell shared this with Dufresne and his M.

New Mexico took us out.

Be sure to sign up for next week’s Arena, as Orwell takes the reigns as Q.