Pink hearts, orange stars, yellow moons, green clovers and blue diamonds.  On a cold, wet morning, most stayed wrapped in their blankets dreaming of Lucky Charms as a leprechaun-sized PAX worked off the Guinness.  Looking for four leaf clovers while doing planks and ‘mericans, then off to breakfast meeting with Kareem O’Weet.  Feeling Lucky to have yet another day…..

The Thang

Warmup with 25 SSH/10 Good Morning/10 Windmill/10 King David Kicks/Hamstring Stretches

Run to Volleyball Parking Lot

4 ea. 100 yard sprints with 20/15/10/10 ‘Mericans at each finish line

Lunge Walk to Stadium

3x – Alt lt/rt step up x15/LeBron Jumps/Prisoner Squats x15

Burn it out with People’s Chair

Run to Railing

3x – Australian Pull Upx10/Planks with alternating arms/legs raised

Mary – 20x LBC/Freddie Mercuries/Hammers

Finish with 6″ Leg Lift

COT (sorta)/Announcements/Tarp leads out with Prayer