It was the morning of the fourth of July, the humidity was low, and many were fantasizing about the long day at the pool they had ahead of them. Perfect day for a workout. Just Perfect.

With a few first timers and our collection of Shovel Flags planted, including Howards travel size sf, we set off ready to take on the hour.

The Thang…

Jog around Our Lady of Lords

SSH x 20
Good Morning x 10
Standard Merkin 10 Count
1 legged merkins 8 count each leg

Partner up

Partner jacobs ladder up Overbrook
Partner 1 sprints to top of the hill starts with 1 burpee
Partner 2 Merkins AMRAP until P1 returns
Flap jack and continue until 7 burpees by each partner at the top

Jog around Our Lady of Lourdes again and down the green way to the soccer field

Burpee ladder starting with 10 burpees, then 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,10. (One burpee?… C’mon)

Partner up again
P1 sprints to end of field, 10 Star Jumps, sprint back
P2 Squat hold until they return

P1 sprints to end of field, 15 Merkins, sprint back
P2 planks

Jog back to the greenway, then AYG back to the rocks

LBC x 40
Merican Hammer X 30


After talking with Maize the night before, YHC was expected a pax of 10 to 15 at the most.
Great to see so many made it out.

Welcome to all FNG’s and congrats on the spectacular names. #Respect to Doobie who overtook Howard as Wardaddy. #Strong Hope to see you all back out soon.

Riveting stuff at cofeeteria today if you missed it. Chong is introducing a belt ranking system, expect the ladder to be published soon. Hipster scrubs have taken downtown from White Shoe.
Shaggy is volunteering as resident handyman at Panera, hopefully it includes complimentary power bowls.

Happy 4th to all, enjoy the weekend and time with family and friends.

Always an honor to lead you men.