Shovel flag planted firmly at Pullen Park this morning for the PAX of 10 post 4th of July. The crew was treated to temps in the 60s for a change, so we had that going for us…which was nice.

The Thang:

Short jog then warn up with Imperial Walkers x 15, Merkins x 15, Good Mornings x 15

Robert Plants x 3 and run to upper field

The 300 (in cadence): Mountain Climbers x 25, Squats x 25, Merkins x 25, LBCs x 25 …. 3 times through

Crazy 8s : jog to gazebo, AMRAP the following for 6 minutes … 8 Dips, 8 Derkins, 8 Jump Ups

Boom Boom Huck Jam!

Start at top of half pipe, run to top of the other side…1 Burpee and then back … 2 Burpees….to 10 and then to the bottom. Max Burpees till PAX is done.

900 : PAX splits into groups and gets around a picnic table. 10 Count Reps, then rotate table 1/4 ….. 10 times (get it now?). Exercises were Derkins x 2, Irkins x 2, Squats, CDD, Step-Ups, Russian Hammers, Dips x 2

Run a lap around the lake

Mary : Flutters x 25, Dolly x 25, Reverse LBCs x 25, Chilcutt Hold x 25

COT and that is all

Naked Moleskin:

-Welcome FNG Tsu-Tsu via Wilson. He went to a Phil Collins show years ago, if you were there the name makes sense. T-Claps to Countrywide for the undercover work.

-Myrtle is the current #mumblechatter king of the PAX, always makes things a little more lively and the hour pass quickly.

-Prayers for the safe arrival of Friar Tuck to Rwanda today and then a safe return on the 15th.

-Sign up for the Leatherneck, 10 days left to HC. See link under announcements.

-Visitation for Dufresne’s family is this afternoon from 6-8, tomorrow’s funeral will be 3pm at Edenton Street United Methodist Church.  If you cannot make the funeral, I ask that you set aside a little time at 3pm EST for prayer and reflection. The Young family and the Raleigh PAX there are going to need it.

-It was around this time a year ago that an e-mail from MDufresne was sent to a Sunday School distribution list requesting help because her husband was losing PT services due to lack of progress. To no surprise it was Ms who nudged the F3 men to be helpful in this situation. Tony Robbins took action and met with the therapist to learn the exercises, then YHC & Grillz joined him for the first Hopebuilder workout (not named at that time) on a Friday afternoon. Those familiar know the rest. The objective altered through time as the circumstances changed, from seeing Dufresne stand on his own in February to simply being a support group for the family when he became ill. Well one chapter is closing as a new one begins with F3 Raleigh & the Youngs. Not sure what that will look like, but we’ll continue to build the road 40 feet in front of us with whatever material we can find.

Jim left a great impression on those who visited him and worked out with him. None of us knew him before contracting Lyme disease and his situation was difficult to comprehend. Even without the benefit of the past you just could tell he was a great person that postively impacted many wherever he went, what he was dealt struck me as cruel and unfair. I should be more at peace with it now, but candidy I’m not. He would have loved F3 in the gloom as we know it, he sure loved it in the form we provided. When we were in his room assisting with the exercises the presence of God was evident and powerful, some of the most significant moments I can ever recall. Those memories have helped, that and the clear recognition that what he went through was not in vain.

His wife is left without a husband and young children without a father which is as tragic as his suffering. I wish we could have met him under different circumstances, but we are all better for our exposure to him. His legacy in F3 Raleigh will be as significant as anyone, because his needs rallied the core participants unlike anything else and the timing of local growth accelerating with these workouts was not a coincidence. What’s a better example of servant leadership than men collaborating (with no professional experience BTW) to help someone get better? Hopebuilder was F3 in its purest form striking hard on all 3 Fs.

So tomorrow afternoon we’ll celebrate his life and naturally reflect on what could have been for him as well as what could happen to any of us. In Jim’s short life he had what we truly want when we pass, a positive influence on others. He was especially gifted in that area, having that impact in his finest hours and as impressively in his lowest. God rest your soul Jim Young and bless the family that now moves forward. We love you and we are with you.

“It’s not what you are looking at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Thoreau