This year, due to multiplicitous starfish expansion among the F3Raleigh ranks, two convergence sites for the fourth of July. For YHC, it’s been a year in the ranks. All three Fs in the sun, rain, snow, darkness and ice have delivered a greater strength of body, mind, spirit and brotherhood. #grateful

While the PAX further south gathered at LateNight to suffer at the hands of Yo-Yo, the men of F3 North Raleigh converged to ignite the fireworks at the Juggernaut site at the hands of YHC. Time to run through walls. Time to pay the price. Time to have some fun. Here’s how the celebration went off.


Apple Pie – Bear crawl the base paths / warmups at each base in the infield

SSH / Goodmornings / Imperial Walkers / Windmills

These Colors Don’t Run…But We’re Going To
Runs to the outfield fence and back to infield line:

  1. Sprint out/back & plank
  2. Backward sprint out/back & plank
  3. Butt kickers run out/back & plank
  4. Side-shuffle run out/back & plank
  5. Sprint out/back & plank

The Price of Liberty
10 Mericans / 10 American Hammers / Repeato x10 (that’s a hundred Mericans and Hammers, kids)

Don’t Tread on Me (Snake circuit)
Two groups, snake through 10 cones and back, ending with:

  1. 10 squat jumps oyo
  2. 10 jump-ups oyo
  3. 10 side-mogul hops oyo
  4. 10 front-mogul hops oyo

American Balls to the Wall (on the backstop)

  1. Balls to the Wall x20 count / run home plate to 2nd, Freddy Mercuries x20 / run 2nd to home
  2. Balls to the Wall x25 count / run home plate to 2nd, Heels to Heaven x20 / run 2nd to home
  3. Balls to the Wall x30 count

Fireworks: 100 Burpees (brought to you by our friends at True Grit)


Moleskin: Tclaps to #wardaddy Tooth Fairy and to Tecumseh for pushing on into extra innings on the burpees. Monstrous efforts from Bob Ross, Rouge and DialTone. Tclaps to all the PAX for giving it everything. Good to have FNG Husker in the ranks. Welcome, brother.

COT: YHC shared that the freedom we enjoy in the US is unique in the world. Many places in the world are much more closed and difficult places to live. That being said, the greatest freedom is the freedom that comes with the forgiveness and love of God. Every person made in God’s image who lives in any nation can know this highest and best freedom. And it leads us to love those around us with the same unconditional love that God has first shown us. Aye.

  • Prayers for Maize’s co-worker who lost a 20-year-old daughter
  • For Dufresne’s family; visitation July 5th; funeral July 6th
  • For folks on the coast in the storm
  • For YHC headed to Rwanda this afternoon until July 15th
  • For a granddad passing away from heart problems

Our man Kanye prayed us out. May the freedom of Christ’s love strengthen and guide you, brothers. Aye.