The days are passing and it is time to switch into full BRR training mode.  Some how 29 PAX hard committed to running this race in 2 months.  So what does training look like?

It can be anything you want, but we have come up with a little bit of a challenge to get you running with folks and getting in top shape for the race.

Here is the weekly schedule:
Tuesday 05:45 – Hi-Fidelity (mix of hills, speed, and duration work)
Thursday 05:45 – Endorphin (10K up and down, give it all you got)
Saturday 06:00 – Pre workout run – coordinate on twitter
Sunday challenge day or lsd – see below

Sunday   July 6th  – 06:00 – Umstead (Harrison Ave) – 8 miles
Saturday July 12th – 05:45 – Mountain trip (Pilot mountain hill climb)
Sunday   July 20th – 16:00 – Half Pipe and Greenway tour – 9 miles
Sunday   July 27th – 16:00 – Sisyphus Challenge (10 repeats up the hill)
Sunday August 3rd  – 06:00 – Unmstead (Harrison Ave) – 10 miles
Sunday August 10th  – 06:00 – Endorphin Challege (10 repeats up reedy creek climb)
Sunday August 17th – 16:00 – Half Pipe and Greenway tour – 9 miles
Sunday August 24th – 16:00 – Half Pipe Challenge – laps with a bonus relay

As a runner, you have morning and afternoon options, choose wisely.  I recommend picking 2 challenges and going for it.

To add to the training, we need some night runs, here is the proposed:
Saturday July     19th – 21:00 (5 miles)
Saturday August 9th  – 21:00 (5 miles)

See you on the road!