Today was my fourth Q for the True Grit Challenge. I first posted at The (Wednesday) Crick back in June (a little more on that later) and am a big fan of the 6 AM start. I was excited to return to the Crick for the Challenge and signed up for 12/4 to give myself decent space between Challenge Qs. It wasn’t until mid-November that I realized that my kid would still be tracked in for year-round school that first week of December, and that the later workout ending would be a problem. 12/18 was the last slot available for 2019, so with a 12/17 commitment to True Grit, back-to-back Qs it would have to be!

Warm Up:
-Mosey from shelter through school parking lot to the basketball court, mixing in some side shuffles and running backwards.
-Circle up on the basketball court. PAX line up on the literal circle painted on the court, so I move to the new center and start warm ups.
-20 Side Straddle Hops
-10 Good Mornings, accompanied by some mumble chatter from the PAX about the cadence pace. Not sure why I was a little quick. Maybe it was Q School, maybe it was the coffee.
-20 Imperial Walkers
-Sir Fazio Arm Circles forward x10
-Sir Fazio Arm Circles reverse x10
-World’s Greatest Stretch + Pigeon Pose (left side then right side) with pigeon pose included

Main Event:
-Mosey to bus drop-off lot for 7-11s. (This was a new exercise for a few, if not all, of the PAX, and there were many direct questions.) 7-11s are standard 11s with 7 reps of a third exercise in the middle. Start with Mercans, mosey to stop sign for squats, with 7 LBCs in the middle each way. PAX did a good job of not getting spread too far apart. T-claps to Mr. Slate for picking up the six at the end.
-Mosey back to carpool parking lot for a 10-15-10 pyramid of Quick Feet and Curb Derkins.
-Mosey back to shelter for another 10-15-10 pyramid: Irkins, L-R Step Ups, Dips, Derkins, and LBCs.
-After final LBCs, stay on our six for Mary with the time we have left.

PAX-led Mary. YHC started with Homer-to-Marge x10, next PAX called Dying Cockroaches x10, etc. Made it about six exercises before we were out of time.

15 PAX. Oakwood 24 starts Saturday at 3pm. Sign up online the run/donate. The Arena Christmas Party is this Friday after the workout. Please bring gently used workout gear. The Crick Christmas Party is tomorrow night (12/19) at Mellow Mushroom across the street. Prayers for Mr. Slate’s friend’s family, for Candlestick’s friend, for Pigpen’s wife and cousin, and others.
Birkenstock took us out.

Naked Moleskin:
I had a blast leading this morning. 7-11s are a simple (maybe not at first) and a great way to fill up a workout. I really enjoyed connecting/reconnecting with the boys at the Crick, and I hope to be back soon!

The True Grit Challenge (I seem to be the only person trying to make it a thing) has been great. I encourage everyone to step up and Q some new (or old) workouts in 2020.

I’ll end with a little story of how I ended up at The Crick…
Backblasts are a dying art, if you can call it that. Once a post-workout staple, they are time consuming and it’s very hard to tell if anyone is even reading them.
Concerned I was wasting my time trying to keep up a dying tradition, I ended my backblast for a Lame Duck workout on 6/7/19 with a simple offer of $1 to the first person who acknowledged reading my backblast.
Much to my happy surprise, in less than six minutes I had received a reply tweet from a Twitter handle belonging to a PAX whom I had never met. That man was Crick regular Johnny 5. I posted the following Wednesday, 6/12/19, to deliver his winnings. (For the record, he did not believe I was serious.) In honor of that fun, reaffirming experience, I will make the same offer here:
I will give $1 to the first person who tells me they read this Backblast.