Today was my third Q for the True Grit Challenge, and it was the one I was most anxious about. I posted last week and scouted again Sunday afternoon, hoping to cook something up worthy of True Grit. Twitter and the F3 Christmas Party the night before really got me psyched up, hopefully the three beers wouldn’t do me in!

Warm Up:
-Mosey two laps around parking lot, mixing in some side shuffles and running backwards, borrowed from Fudd’s last Q at Dawn Patrol
-20 Side Straddle Hops
-10 Good Mornings
-20 Imperial Walkers
-Nancy Kerrigans/Flying Sun Gods (Sobriety Style):
——Balance on Left Foot, arm circles forward x10
——Balance on Right Foot, arm circles reverse x10
-World’s Greatest Stretch + Pigeon Pose (left side then right side) with pigeon pose included

Main Event:
-Mosey out of parking lot, up Millbrook Rd to the lake loop trail. Count off by threes for Pendulum. Group 1 performs AMRAP Mercans while Group 2 and 3 mosey to the Boat house. Group 2 performs AMRAP Imperial Squat Walkers while Group 3 moseys back and relieves Group 1. Group 1 moseys to boat house to take over for Group 2… and so on until each group have completed two turns at both stations. Exercise ends with Group 1 just retrieving Group 2 from the Mercan station and returning to the Boat House.
-Mosey to upper parking lot. Circle up for Ring of Fire (not THAT Ring of Fire, the other one). YHC calls an exercise for the PAX to perform while YHC runs counterclockwise around the circle. When YHC completes the loop, the PAX to my right calls another round with the exercise of his choice… and so on until everyone has had a turn around the circle.
-Mosey to Millbrook Rd. Indian Run downhill back to lower parking lot. Downhill Indian Runs aren’t so bad!
-Stop in middle of parking lot for Quick Feet x10, Curb Derkins x10.
-Mosey to rock pile. Grab a non-traveler and circle up. Rock circuit (curls, overhead presses, triceps extensions, bent over rows) x10 each. Move two rocks to the left. Repeato x15 each. Returns rocks.
-Bear Crawl up the dam hill. Squat hold at top. Mosey down path back around to parking lot, with a quick stop for Monkey Humpers x10.
-Look at watch… no time for Mary.

-Out of time

14 PAX. The Arena Christmas Party is this Friday after the workout. Please bring gently used workout gear. Oakwood 24 starts Saturday at 3pm. Sign up online the run/donate.
Fudd took us out.

Naked Moleskin:
I don’t know how many PAX quietly responded to the True Grit Challenge, but it’s been great for me to push myself out of my comfort zone and help out with the Raleigh Q load. I encourage everyone to step up.