26 PAX came to celebrate 4 years of Dabo in the Gloom; theme was 48 for # of months in the gloom. No new faces to F3 so we were off quickly without disclaimers.

Run to front of park then back to Rockpile, Countoff

Warmup: 12 SSH, 12 IW, 12 WM, 12 SSH,   Odds/Evans

Split Location:  1s run to location 1 at 2nd speed bump for 12 upper body reps, 12 lower body reps, back home 10 burpees, then to location 2 at top of hill for 12 upper body reps, 12 lower body reps then back home for 10 burpees.  2s- do the same in the opposite order.   1st round: location 1: merkins, air squats; location 2: CDDs, sumo jump squats.  2nd round: location 1: diamond merkins, PJs; location 2: WG merkins, MHs.

Rock Work:  12 curls, 12 TC ext, 12 squat press, 12 BOR; 8 burpees OYO then Repeat 12×4 curls, TC ext, sp, BOR

Run to Back Parking lot:  PTL with star jump at tips, 24 merkins at end, PTL back with star jumps, 24 merkins.

Run to front of park then back to picnic area.

Mary:  12 FMs, 12 DCs, 12 AHs, 12 Flutterkicks; 24 LR stepups boxer style; 12 LBCs, 12 AHs, 12 DCs, 12 Flutterkicks

Plank- 12 count x 2, Chilcut plank- 12 count x 2.

Announcements- Sunday 530 am bike ride (Q- Tinkertoy), Boy Scout troop event Saturday (contact- Butthead).

Prayers- Magellans- twin boys in NICU, Dabo’s Uncle Tommy (pancreatic cancer), Pygmy’s mom (cataract surgery)

Verse for today: Psalm 48 “Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise.” YHC took us out in prayer.