YHC was excited to be in town and available to join my brothers at Mad Mule. With vacations, soccer tourneys, and the M working it’s been tough to post at Mad Mule. Thankfully we have had some great guys leading during my absence! This week Off grid agreed to CO-Q with me and we put a plan in action.  Cooler weather was a nice change for the EC and boot camp!

EC:Chelsea and YHC met @ 5:30 and got 9 miles in prior to Mad Mule.
The Thang!
Butt kickers, High knees, Squats, Windmills, Michael Phelps 15-20 in cadence
Tire Flip Relay
2 teams:
 Flip once, run back to tables for 1 derkin, flip, 2 derkins, and continue until parking lot done. Plank for six.
Switch tires and same back with plank Jack’s ascending.  Al Gore for six.
Switch tires and same but with pull ups.
(usually about 8 reps reached for each).
Mosey to baseball field
kneeling bounding burpees (jump up from both knees, jump forward, push up), repeat for 30 yards.  Modify with step up.
Partner Wheelbarrow back
repeat kneeling bounding burpee
Partner Wheelbarrow back.
1 round of lunges so that all PAX got a chance for wheelbarrow.
1 round of bear crawl
Duck Duck plank – crawl (thanks F3 CAPEFEAR for the inspiration)
All PAX in circle in plank while 1 PAX at a time army crawls around the circle. Variety of Arm and leg positions, chill cut throughout on Q call.
AMRAP at tables: 8 MIN Dips, Box jumps (modify with step up), WWI, Freddy Mercury.
Mary: Flutter kicks, LBCs, Flutter kicks, Heels to heaven, mountain climbers (each 12-20 based on each PAX cadence) and Whinnie finished us off with 5 burpees OYO.
Prayers for Chloe and cancer treatment, prayers for illness, leadership,  PAX travels.
Announcements: SUSHI SMACKDOWN STARTING THIS WEDNESDAY!  BRR guys raising money for Superheros for Autism!
Big Thanks to Off- grid for splitting the Q with me today!