15 PAX braved Detention this week.  Ok it’s true, today I’ve been around the sun 47 times.  Some trips around smoother than others.  But for the last trip and a half I’ve had F3 to keep me company.  Since that time I’ve posted at least 47 times, I’m down about 47 lbs., and made at least 47 new buddies.  With that in mind and after our F3 disclaimer, we were off.
-Mosey to track via Strickland for warmup
  • Warmup:  10 SSH, 10 IW, 10 Windmills, 10 MC’s, and 7 Mercans.  47…  I think there may be a theme.
-Mosey to Gym
  • 4+7 count Balls to the Wall, Bear crawl to other side, 4+7 count People’s Chair, repeat.
-Mosey to upper parking lot, Partner Up.
  • Partner 1:  47, 147, 247 (Burpees, Mercans, LBCs), Cumulative Partner Count
  • Partner 2:  Run down stairs, 5 box jumps or 5 L/R Step Ups, back to partner, flapjack.
-Mosey to rock pile.  Partners share a rock.  One lap around track.
  • Partner 1:  With rock while walking around the track, 20 walking Curls, 20 walking Tri Extensions (aka… walking LBCs), repeat until flapjack.
  • Partner 2:  10 Mercans, 10 Monkey Humpers, run to flapjack with partner
-Mosey to parking lot for Mary.
  • 47 LBCs, 47 Spine Relaxers, 20 American Hammer, 20 Box Cutters, Community Protractor ending in 47°.
Message:  Spoke about this article.  My take-away from this article is the benefits of having a trusted group of guys to help navigate life.  I expressed my thanks for F3 and the personal benefits for me to have a sounding board and being a sounding board for others.  Encouraged all PAX to spread the word.
Announcments:  Haven House to have a online raffle instead of gathering, Fife to run a charity benefit, and Pygmy to start a BBR team for next year – contact him if interested.
Prayer Requests:  none
Fife took us out with a strong prayer.
Tinkertoy Out.