9 Pax posted IR today.   YHC’s Boykin Spaniel partner Beau posted also…but his barking and subsequent yelling from a local tomato to “shut up” put him in truck timeout.   Below is how things went today.

Warmups…..mix of oldie and goodies…to include Sir Mixalot Hamma Flamma Jim Jam Less Filling Tastes Great Lewis & Clark Barney Fife Dark Side of the Moon Fazio Arm Circles


  • DIPS
  • PUSH UP/SIT UPS…YHC’s 2.0 Bullseye introduced these…they suck in an F3 Way
  • INCHWORM PUSH UP/SQUATS…another Bullseye introduction…less suck but still awful

Aforementioned Beau barking had PAX mosey to another area and away from yelling Tomato and we repeated the above.


  • Hammers x 30
  • Flutter Kicks x 30

Thanks Dez and Cornholio for taking over cadence when YHC ran out of gas

Prayers for Bam Bam…his 3 children are being moved to Texas with his ex.

Devotion read below….the very last 2 words tie into this BB Title…they hit home on to/on me:

Rainman took us out Strong.

When Noah closed the doors he was at peace knowing he had done his duty.   When the rain fell and the citizens of the world realized Noah had been right they ran to get in the Ark.  As they banged on the door Noah felt no guilt.  As the waters rose and the screams of dying people could be heard through the walls of the Ark, some of those being familiar voices of friends, Noah was able to sleep peacefully.   I assume he was sad, but without guilt.  Why?  Because for 100+ years he lived his calling out in the public eye.  Doing the work that God gave him, as crazy as it appeared, and constantly reminding people through word and deed that the rain is coming.  Seek the one true God my friends, the rain is coming.  I can hear him shouting it from the boat as he hammered the wood.  They laughed at crazy Noah.   Times were dark then and the light wasn’t wanted.  But Noah did what he was called to do.   And peacefully he lived on the Ark.  We all have a part of the Ark to build as members of Gods family.  Are we building our part?  Sometimes I think yes and other times I think no.   How can I know?  Maybe the only way is to imagine the day I enter heaven and am waking and talking with Jesus.  The doors of my ark are closed now.  He leads me to the edge of heaven and let’s me look across the great chasm between light and darkness.   Love and hate,  joy and suffering.   On the other side of the chasm I see familiar faces in great torment.   Screaming at me to open the door and let them in the ark.  I look at Jesus and He looks at me…where is my conscious now?  Can I lay my head down in peace and say ” I am sad at what I see but I have done all I can” and then hear Jesus say ” well done”. Or will I look to him and hear, “they were in your charge.  I forgive you but they were supposed to be here too.”   I wonder…