The title says it all. 7 pax including 1 FNG made it out to Martin Middle for a workout high in the first F and probably lacking in the 2nd F.

Warm up 15 minutes
Stretches of varying sorts
Strides (100m accelerations) around the track

400m repeats w/ 200m rest. Run these at I pace (Look it up on Daniels Running Formula) which is approximately between your mile and 5k pace. A hard sustained effort lets say. The Pax got in 9-11 total 400s.

Cool down of about 10 minutes

400 m repeats doesn’t lend itself to much camaraderie but everyone out there got a great workout. Everyone was pushing it out there and we were sad that the 3 marathoners couldn’t join us, but they deserve their well-earned rest. Congrats to Enron and Sunshine for the Boston Qualifiers.

T-claps especially to our FNG Greg, now forever known as Toxic. A track workout is always a tough intro to F3, but a good group this morning to welcome him. Further T-claps to Etrade for bringing him out. Always be Closing y’all.

– The Bull in Durham on April 1. Be there.
– Marine Corps Marathon sign ups happen soon. Don’t enter and give Horsehair a better chance of getting in.
– Thanks to Etrade for taking us out.