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Great showing for ten pax on a cold morning, but the blood would start moving fast. No problem.  There were a lot of static holds and burpees this morning.

As usual there is a brief warm up before getting to it. We took the standard lap around the park before circling up and getting the world’s greatest stretch with the addition of the now involved slow ten count plank to lph and then 10 count back up to plank.   Time to start.

The Thang

Pax ran to the stone ledge for boxjumps. Slow movement to squat and explode to the top.  Back down.  A few of the motions involved squat holds before blasting up again. Ten was enough for now.

Pair up.  100 x merkins, 200 x lbc. One partner works on the set and the other runs up the hill and back. Switch until complete. Fazio naturally went into a squat hold as the others finished, but that was stopped. Head back to the wall for another set of boxjumps…same as before.

On to the tennis courts. Spread out on the line. Each man runs to the end and back while those left behind amrap burpees.  Once all done we moved into slow lunges with hold at one cheated. Back to another round of run and amrap burpees. Once done the Pax maintained a squat hold and bounced up off of their feet.  Small frog jump. X 10. Then again x 15 at faster pace. Again, no one cheated.  Time was all but finished.

move in to merry circle for protractor and then American hammer to wrap it up. Great work this morning.


Pepe to announce the bull (name right?). Like the Mule, but in Durham. Fazio made call to remember the young woman in the car crash and then drowned.

Also, if any of you have ever run into the Kroger on six forks near wake forest road, there is a man named Emil that works there. He is well known as a bright light…greets every single person with a “hello my friend/brother” and “hello my angel.” to the women.  He is a special person for those with the pleasure to know him. He was not there for some time, when a shopper asked where he was. He has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This shopper saw him at the Lowes when he broke down in tears, fearful of leaving his wife and two young children behind.  Beyond that it was leaving Kroger and the people he sees every day.  He is taking treatment at Rex hospital.

This is not a solicitation for money of any kind, please know that.  It is one man’s story and we all know one that is close to heart and deeply important.  As we all ask, keep them in your prayers.  He does have a gofundme page to help the expenses of his family.  If you feel inclined, then you may visit it. Again this is not an ask.  He is special to many and I am disappointed that I have not mirrored his geniune kindness and light he brings to the world.  Thank you for taking time to read this and any stories you have to share I will sit and listen at any time.

Box jump

Tiny Dancer on a great out.